Happy National Pink Day: History, Celebrate

Happy National Pink Day : Every year on June 23, people celebrate Happy National Pink Day. It’s a day to honor the significance, background, and beauty of the light tint of red, as you might expect. According to surveys conducted in the US and Europe, pink is most frequently connected to femininity, sensitivity, and gentleness. The day honors everything pink, from pink’s role in current pop culture to fascinating historical facts about the charming color. As Elle Woods memorably remarked in “Legally Blonde,” “Whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed!”

History of Happy National Pink Day

  • Happy National Pink Day (also known as Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day) was created in 2007. It began when two students at Central Kings Rural High School, David Shepherd and Travis Price, witnessed a fellow student being harassed for no other reason than that the kid was wearing a pink shirt on the first day of class. Because pink is associated with femininity, this ninth-grader faced harassment for wearing the hue. However, the two peers of his would not allow the bullies to prevail.
  • In a brilliant move, these two decided to rally around the youngster and demand that everyone at their school wear pink shirts the next day in an effort to show solidarity and fight against bullying. The two lads were so dedicated to the cause that they even went to a cheap store and purchased a large number of pink shirts to give to everybody who didn’t already have one. Pink Shirt Day is a global movement that was started with the goal of ending bullying and promoting understanding.
  • What began in a little Canadian town has gained international attention. Anti-Bullying Day, another occasion to wear pink and stand up for others, has also been linked to the day. Many nations still celebrate in February, despite the United Nations declaring that this should occur on May 4. However, that only indicates that there are two distinct chances to change things and oppose bullying!

How Happy National Pink Day Should Be Celebrated

Wearing pink is the first step towards joining the movement and connecting on this day, which is rather simple! Here are some other suggestions for honoring this significant day:

Put on a pink outfit.

Choose your best pink outfit and wear it first thing in the morning, especially if you are a man. Wear it, whether it’s a simple pink t-shirt, a pink polo shirt, or a pink zoot suit as a whole! Make sure the people who perpetrate hate crimes know that their calls will not go ignored and get out there and take a stance against it wherever you see it.

Educate Children About Bullying

  • Children (and parents!) will be better able to respond to bullying and speak up for themselves or others who are being picked on if they are more aware of the issue. Numerous organizations have emerged offering tools aimed at educating and enlightening families about bullying. Among these organizations are:
  • SMASH Bullying. This well-known organization, which fights racism, bigotry, and prejudice, offers materials for parents and children, a help line for children and teenagers, methods to donate, and opportunities to purchase wearable products to support the cause. Shovel Out Bullying.org
  • People Against Bullying National Association (NAPAB). This group supports and advocates for those who have been victims of bullying on a personal level.

Disseminate Information About National Pink Day

Given that National Pink Day is still relatively new and impacts children who may not be aware of it, now is a fantastic time to spread awareness of these anti-bullying initiatives. Inform your pals ahead of time about National Pink Day, and then organize your attire and celebration of the occasion. To spread the word, snap a selfie or a picture of your pals wearing pink, then post it on different social networking sites.

Have a Pink Day Celebration

  • Teachers and parents may encourage their pupils by letting them celebrate National Pink Day with a party. Today is the perfect time to engage everyone in the effort to end the difficulties that so many children in today’s world experience. Encourage everyone to wear pink shirts in honor of the day, and use pink streamers and balloons to adorn the party space. You may even provide pink-colored cuisine.
  • Watching a documentary or movie produced by one of the above-mentioned anti-bullying sites would be a fantastic exercise. Alternatively, have the children make some original artwork with just pink art supplies, then display them in a fun anti-bullying art exhibit that the public is welcome to attend.


“How the heck nothin’?”

In Jack London’s book “John Barleycorn,” an alcoholic describes how they first saw “pink elephants,” a term that is still frequently used in 12-step programs today.

Particular shears

“Pinking shears” are words from the Middle Ages that refer to the embellishment of a hem with a zigzag pattern, rather than changing the color of the garment they are employed on.

We don’t require any schooling.

Pink Floyd is a well-known trip-rock band whose original lead vocalist, Syd Barrett, combined the names of two classic blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

Error in the wardrobe

A brief scene featuring a woman’s exposed breast had to be cut out of the MTV video for the 1997 Aerosmith song “Pink.”

Not Simpson Homer

Though the term “pink” hasn’t always been used, the hue has, as evidenced by the phrase “rosy-fingered dawn,” which first appeared in Homer’s “Odyssey” circa 800 BCE.


2024June 23Sunday
2025June 23Monday
2026June 23Tuesday
2027June 23Wednesday
2028June 23Friday

FAQs about National Pink Day

National Pink Day is on when?

Every year on June 23, people celebrate National Pink Day. National Pink Day will fall on a Sunday in 2024.

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