5 Viral Tiktok Presma Unja Videos, Best Here is the Full Mediafire Link

A recent viral video purporting to be from the president of Jambi University students Presma Unja stunned TikTok social media.Many internet users were drawn to this video because it demonstrates Presma’s leadership side, which is fiercely protective of its members. This film was successful in capturing the public’s attention with remarks like “Presma is very supportive hahaha,” “Gacor nian yuk really went viral,” and others.

Given his intriguing demeanor and nature, it seems sense that a lot of internet users are interested in learning more about him. As a result, internet users began searching social media platforms like Twitter, Tiktok, and even Telegram for popular Presma videos.

Watch Now: 5 Viral Tiktok Presma Unja Videos

Why did Presma Unja go viral?

  • The Jambi University Student President/Chair of the Student Executive Board (BEM) has gained attention for his acts, which are seen as extremely protective and considerate to his members, particularly the ladies.
  • His trending TikTok videos demonstrate how Presma makes sure BEM members are comfortable and safe in a variety of settings.
  • Numerous widely shared videos depict Presma performing a range of caring acts, such asking its members directly if they are comfortable. To eliminate potentially bothersome glare, he even commands that the lights be turned out in certain circumstances to create a serene and cozy ambiance.

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  • The lengths and episodes of these viral films differ. One of the most popular videos has a duration of almost three minutes. Online users claimed that the entire video was split up into many segments; some said that there were 3.5 to 8 episodes overall.
  • The films’ content demonstrates how Presma Unja pays close attention to its partners’ and members’ comfort, attends to their requirements individually, and adjusts the setting to make them more comfortable.
  • While some internet users claimed to have all five films, others had only some.

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  • Users must click on the download link to obtain these five films, which are often posted to an internet storage service like Mediafire. The methods to download and extract the video are as follows:
  • Search for Download Links: Find the links to the five videos’ downloads. Usually, TikTok users will post this URL in the comments section of their most popular videos.
  • Download links 1 and 2 here.
  • Download Archive File: Download the file to your device if the video has been posted as an archive file (RAR or ZIP, for example). You now need to extract the video from the rar or zip file once the download was completed.

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How to Open Files on an Android Device:

  • Get the RAR application here: First, confirm that you have a program installed on your device that can extract files, such as “RAR” from RARLAB, which you can get from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch RAR Application: After installing the program, launch it and go to the archive file’s download location.
  • Choose an Archive File: To extract a RAR or ZIP file, tap on it.
  • Extract Files: Click the “Extract” button and provide the extracted files a destination location to be saved.
  • Done: The downloaded video may now be seen and played when the extraction procedure is finished.
  • You may download and watch Presma Unja’s popular compassionate action video on TikTok by following these instructions.

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That concludes our study of the five popular Tiktok Presma Unja videos. We can provide the full Mediafire link here. With any luck, this information will help you set a positive example for others. On the other hand, don’t follow someone whose videos you find offensive.

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