Joyce Serwaa Amihere Private Video Leaked 2024

Joyce Serwaa Amihere, a television journalist from Ghana, has addressed the internet controversy surrounding her private film that went viral a few weeks ago. Everything began on April 2, 2024, when her private film with a man became viral on social media.

It was then discovered that the individual in the video was well-known businessman Henry Fitz. News sources state that she has lost a number of ambassadorial positions as a result of her sex video release.

She talked about the humiliation she endured as a result of the leaked footage in a statement that was made public on April 24. It also upset her friends and relatives on an emotional level. She went on to say that she has since learnt her lesson and that this is a wake-up call.

A statement is released by Serwaa Amihere

The footage was first made public on April 2 following five months of threats and extortion. To put the offender in jail, she had to speak with police officers, saying:

“The video (which was made 5 years ago) has severely embarrassed me, my family and my loved ones. It has also exposed my employers, and the businesses and brands I represent to embarrassment Additionally, the video has been a source of frustration to all who have been my support, inspiration, and encouragement throughout my journey in the media. At the time, 5 years ago, I considerably underestimated the extent of my influence, my potentials, what I would become, and what I would come to represent to this society.

Sincerely, I say sorry for the embarrassment, disappointment, and frustration which this matter has caused to my family and loved ones, to the distinguished businesses and brands I represent, and to you. In all, I have learnt deeply useful lessons for the future.

Thank you,”
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