Kisah Dibalik Video Viral Laura Meizani dan Vadel Badjideh

the warganet ramily shared a video that had a scandal from Laura Meizani, the artist’s child who was raised by Lolly, along with her husband, Vadel Badjideh. However, based on clarifications from Lolly, Cindy Claudia, the subject of the discussion in the social media is not entirely true.

Through a post on her own Instagram account, @_cindyclaudiaa, Cindy Claudia provided information on the photos and videos that have gone popular among the warganet community. Ia mengatakan bahwa foto-foto yang ramai dan tersebar dibincangkan tidak acurate.

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Kisah Dibalik Video Viral

Cindy explained that the photos that are displayed are snapshots from a video conversation that she and Lolly had throughout different times of the day. Ia menegaskan bahwa Lolly selalu mengenai busana dalam panggilan video tersebut. Cindy further stated that there.

In addition, Cindy mentioned that the viral video of Lolly was actually a teaser from her Instagram story. She said that everything is rekayasa and belaka fitnah.

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Cindy said in her introduction, “Tolong dimengerti tidak ada video Lolly dan Vadel berhubungan intima, semua merupakan editan dan fitnah.” “Saya bisa memastikan semua yang saya tulis adalah fakta.”

Kisah Dibalik Video Viral Laura Meizani dan Vadel Badjideh

Cindy also mentioned that Lolly will immediately start investigating the narkoba user’s dugout. She will provide many insights on that through her own Instagram account.

This case serves as an example of how news reported via social media is not always accurate. It is important for us to always use caution while gathering and disclosing information, especially when it relates to sensitive issues like this one.

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Finding accurate and trustworthy information is always important, and sharing unclear information shouldn’t be seen as a sign of weakness.

The need of honoring the privacy and dignity of others is another lesson that this case serves to emphasize. Without consent, sharing private content—like a picture or video—can have detrimental psychological and social effects on individuals who are suffering.

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