Son of Xochitl Galvez Viral video 2024

Journalist Callo de Hacha revealed the second segment of the video, which included Xochitl Galvez son intoxicated, in the afternoon of May 16. Juan Pablo Sánchez is seen pressing and pleading with a policeman to beat him in this second segment. In addition, he invokes Federal Penal Code article 180, emphasizing the grave legal ramifications for individuals who threaten or use violence against officials while doing their duties.

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In a different development, President López Obrador’s wife Beatriz Gutiérrez requested that Jorge Roberto Avilés Vázquez remove the video because of the potential harm it may do to an opposition candidate’s family. Avilés, however, denied this request, stating that prejudice against law enforcement officials should not become commonplace, much less when it originates from a politician’s family. He also underlined that everyone is subject to the law and that a civilized society must uphold justice and respect for institutions.

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