Soraya Rasyid who is willing to host a spouse in her home, expresses sympathy for Andrew Andika, Tengku Dewi: Say yes to expedite the process 2024

The motivation for Soraya Rasyide’s desire to accept Andrew Write in her house is explained.

As is well known, Andrew Andika and Tengku DewiDaughter, his wife, are at odds.

The reason is that Andrew Andika has been exposed for having an affair for the umpteenth time.

A later revelation stated that the actor was staying at the home of artist Soraya Rasyid.

Tengku Dewi, a reporter from Tribun Seleb, was the one who shared this startling information on Instagram.

The Soraya Rasyid Money host was then informed by Tengku Dewi that this was true.

As for Soraya Rasyid, she first denied giving Andrew Andika a lift, but then acknowledged doing so.

“This man has issues; why do you wish to make allowances for him? Do you not fear being accused? cited from Instagram @tengkudewiputri_tdp on Saturday, 18/5/2024, asking Tengku Dewi Putri to Soraya Rasyid.

“Yes, it was finally just out of pity, bro,” Soraya Rasyid retorted.

Soraya was first reluctant to assist Andrew.

“I’m also scared, bro, I’m afraid of being carried away like this, like now,” he said.

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