YouTuber Anthony Vella Terrifying 100 Feet Drop

Anthony Vella a well-known YouTuber is shown in a startling video that has gone viral on the internet suffering a major damage to his neck after falling from a motorized paraglider 100 feet.Anthony posted the video on his YouTube account, titled “Paramotor Crash ALMOST Ended My Life.” It shows the horrifying moment when he tried to fly at 48 mph on his powered paraglider and it crashed.

It’s unclear exactly when the incident occurred. Recently, Anthony posted the video to his audience to let them know what he has been up to and to clarify the accident’s circumstances.

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YouTuber Anthony Vella’s Terrifying 100 feet Drop :

In the video, Anthony Vella is seen at Enchanted Rock State Park, which is close to Austin, Texas, testing out the BDG Luna 3, a kind of paramotor wing intended for seasoned pilots. He recorded the whole journey, from takeoff to soaring over the skies, sharing his exhilaration as he used the powered backpack to achieve a speed of 48 mph.

Nevertheless, things rapidly became terrible. He was about to fall from a height of one hundred feet when the paramotor wing abruptly snapped back and twisted his body in midair as he was monitoring his speed on his phone. He may be heard yelling, “Oh my god, 48 mph.” Go on, sweetie! Oh my god!”

When Anthony Vella struck the ground, the motor backpack’s structure shattered and he started to scream in pain. He was in so much pain that he utilized Siri to get aid from 911. Quickly arriving paramedics assessed his condition.

They questioned him on his wounds and the locations of his suffering. Leandra, his wife, came to be with him at the site, and he was then taken to the hospital for more care.

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Conclusion This Video:

The paramotor crash of YouTuber Anthony Vella is captured in a popular video that emphasizes the significance of taking safety procedures and the perils associated with extreme sports. Anthony’s story serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers associated with these kinds of activities and the possibility of catastrophic injury. The need of prompt medical attention and emotional support during times of crisis is shown by the paramedics’ prompt reaction and his wife’s support.

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