Xbox Series S Is Much More Popular in 2023

According to documents, the Microsoft Xbox Series S, a smaller, less powerful system from the ninth generation, may be more well-liked by players than first thought.


  • With 74.8% of Xbox Series console owners selecting the Xbox Series S Is Much More Popular in 2023 , the Xbox Series S is surprisingly well-liked.
  • For gamers on a tight budget, the Series S’s $299 price tag makes it an appealing choice.
  • For gamers who prefer a quick gaming experience on the go, the Series S’s smaller form factor and portability are appealing.

Xbox Series S information

The Xbox Series S is considerably more popular than many people may anticipate, according to a document that was accidentally disclosed by Microsoft during a recent round of leaks. The computer giant is presently facing a second trial as part of the FTC’s ongoing efforts to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The Xbox developer was forced to submit many private documents that were supposed to have critical information redacted.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, one of the documents had a number of attachments that were completely unredacted and provided a wealth of information regarding and its future plans. Some of the key information included the fact that the PS6 and the Xbox 10 are anticipated to be on sale in 2028. A disc-less upgrade of the Xbox Series X for the mid-generation is scheduled for 2025.

A slide from one of the stolen documents showed that a surprising amount of players had bought the Xbox Series S, the machine’s younger sibling to the Series X, which many people believe to be the “real” device. It’s unclear from the image’s April 2022 date whether the sales figures refer to a particular fiscal quarter or overall sales to that point. It demonstrates that just 25.1% of Series console owners acquired the Series X, whereas 74.8% purchased the Series S. Despite these figures for 2022, market researcher Mat Piscatella predicts that trends may have levelled out since then, with the Series X and S sharing a market share that is closer to 50/50.

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Even in 2023, there will still be compelling reasons to purchase an Xbox Series S, despite the apparent attractiveness of the smaller system. The Series S costs $299, which makes it significantly less expensive than both the Series X and Sony’s PS5 Digital Edition without discs. Even while more houses will have 4K TVs in 2023, many still haven’t changed their displays, so many gamers will find the Series S’s 1440p resolution to be more than enough.

Another significant selling point for the Xbox Series S is its smaller form size. Many users have invested in a third-party IPS screen, thereby turning the console into a handy portable gadget. Numerous pictures of gamers playing their Series S in vehicles, aeroplanes, or while lounging on beaches have been published on social media throughout the years, albeit it may not be as convenient as the Nintendo Switch.

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