US News Rankings 2024: Williams College is the top liberal arts school, Princeton is the greatest institution overall

US News Rankings 2024: Williams College is the top liberal arts school, Princeton is the greatest institution overall According to US News & World Report rankings, Princeton is the finest US institution while Williams College is the best for liberal arts.

According to U.S. News & World Report’s best colleges rankings for 2024, Williams institution is the best liberal arts institution and Princeton University is the greatest university in the country.
According to a press release released in this respect by US News, the rankings took into account 1,500 universities and incorporated 19 criteria for academic excellence.

“This year’s rankings placed a greater emphasis on social mobility and outcomes for graduating college students, demonstrating the most significant methodological change in the rankings’ history,” US News said.

The performance of an institution in enrolling and graduating students from all backgrounds with manageable debt and post-graduate success today makes up more than 50% of its ranking. Class size, teachers with terminal degrees, alumni giving, high school class standing, and the percentage of graduates taking out federal loans were all five characteristics that were eliminated, it continued.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) placed in second place among the nation’s top institutions, with Harvard and Stanford University jointly taking the third slot.
Amherst College scored second and the US Naval Academy third on the list of the greatest national liberal arts colleges.

The top 3 institutions in several categories are shown below

Leading Public Schools: National Colleges

Berkeley, California University of California

University of Michigan

National Liberal Arts Colleges are among the best public schools

American Naval Academy

American Air Force Academy

West Point Military Academy, United States

Top Social Mobility Performers: National Universities

Long Beach campus of California State University

California State Universities Fullerton and Riverside are tied for first place.

University of California, Merced and California State University, San Bernardino (tied)

National Liberal Arts Colleges are the best at promoting social mobility.

Lake Forest University

Spelman College, Salem College, and Agnes Scott College are tied.

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