Who is Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin? Profile, Biodata, Instagram 2024

After she accused Hasyim Asyari of breaking the election organizers’ code of ethics and conduct standards, her name became well-known. Given that the procedure of making a case like this calls for tremendous fortitude, CAT’s heroism in submitting this complaint has garnered a lot of attention and compassion.

Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin, therefore, who is she? Which social media platforms does she use, and what is the timeline? Let’s continue the conversation until the conclusion to get more details.

Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin Profile IG Account and Social Media

For those of you who want to know her complete profile, here are the details:

  • Name: Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin
  • Position: member of the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) in The Hague, Netherlands.
  • Twitter account: @Cindra_AT
  • Instagram account (IG): @cindraaditi and @call_me_catk

Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin’s age, religion, biography, Facebook account, and Tiktok were unknown until this article was produced. Maybe in order to preserve his privacy, his identify isn’t being disclosed to the public at this time.

He conveyed his sincere appreciation to the DKPP for their impartial and open handling of this iss of fairness, autonomy, objectivity, and openness first while addressing the KPU Chairperson’s purported transgression of the code of ethics.

He acknowledged that it was difficult to file this lawsuit.

He claimed that mustering the fortitude to launch this complaint required patience and heart strength. He says that different parties’ assistance is crucial to this process. Without that backing, he may have felt helpless and trapped in a sense of regret for not taking action.sue in his written statement. He thanked the DKPP for putting the value

The Cindra Aditi Aditi Tejakinkin Case Chronology Is Taken Viral

Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin, a member of the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) of The Hague, and Hasyim Asy’ari, the Chairman of the General Election Commission (KPU), are involved in a case that gained national attention after Cindra disclosed Hasyim’s unethical behavior while on an official visit to Amsterdam in October 2023.

The incident’s timeline starts on October 3, 2023, when Hasyim called her to his hotel room, forcing the PPLN member into having sex. Hasyim persisted in pressuring her despite her refusal till they had a relationship.

Hasyim and Cindra continued to interact over WhatsApp following the event, with Hasyim frequently sending amorous messages. She then reported the occurrence to the authorities after being ill as a result of it.

Strong evidence presented over a series of hearings indicated that Hasyim had violated professional and ethical standards. As a result, on July 3, 2024, Hasyim was fired from his employment. He became well-known and garnered attention from the general public due to his bravery in bringing this issue to light and pursuing justice.


That concludes the conversation concerning Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin’s identity. This is the most comprehensive biodata and profile we are able to provide. With any luck, this information will raise awareness of the viral news of today.

Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin’s whole bio is now hidden; despite our best efforts, we were unable to locate any comprehensive references on YouTube, Wikipedia, Instagram accounts, or other social media platforms.

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