Who are Wajdan Rao and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan in the Bado Badi video 2024?

Learn the background behind the very popular song “Bado Badi,” which features Wajdan Rao and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. Discover the factors that have made it famous online, what makes it special, and the up-and-coming stars that are responsible for its success. Participate in the discussion about this appealing song’s influence on social media and other platforms.

There are two primary reasons why the song “Bado Badi” has grown so famous on the internet. First of all, people have taken notice of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s peculiar vocal style, which involves singing the song without matching the beat of the song. Second, the song’s distinctive music video has gained fame in addition to the song itself. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan performs the song with Wajdan Rao, a Pakistani actress.

Who are Wajdan Rao?

  • A significant portion of the music video features Wajdan Rao, whose rendition of the song has garnered a great deal of attention. But little is known about her. Her mother is from Punjab, India, hence she is an actress from Pakistan with Indian heritage. Her involvement in this song was perhaps motivated by her connection to Punjab.
  • “Bado Badi” refers to acting with power, and Wajdan’s performance in the song has drawn both acclaim and criticism. She has received a lot of internet mockery for appearing in this song.
  • Wajdan clarified in an interview that the Punjabi phrase “Bado Badi,” which implies “Zabardasti” or violently, was not well understood by the general public. She said that she receives a lot of mails from people in India inquiring as to her whereabouts. Her mother is Punjabi and lives near the Sikh community, so she responds that she is from Punjab but is actually from India.

Who are Chahat Fateh Ali Khan?

  • This song was written by well-known Pakistani vocalist Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. He has been the focus of attention since 2020, and several of his songs have gained popularity because to their humorous and uncomfortable quality, which makes them ideal for memes. His invitations to different shows, including “Jani Ki Shah,” “Public Demand” with Mohsin Abbass Haider, and the “Honest Hour” podcast, have resulted from this.
  • At the age of 56, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is becoming more and more well-known on social media thanks to his work in movies and music. The song “Bado Badi” is the major draw, and the music video appears to have been produced in the 2000s. The video is humorous and draws viewers in because of the way Wajdan Rao and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan dance in it.

The music video for “Bado Badi”

Since the song “Ay haye oy hoye bado badi” became viral, memes and internet users have been fixated on its melody. Due to her appearance in the song video alongside Chahat, Wajdan Rao also garnered a lot of attention online.Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is currently a popular figure in Pakistani and international media due to all of these reasons.

In summary:

The “Bado Badi” song’s viral success has enthralled viewers with its distinctive fusion of memorable melodies, an unorthodox vocal delivery, and an eye-catching music video. This song, which features Wajdan Rao and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, has generated a lot of attention, memes, and conversations online. The song’s creators are becoming emerging stars in the music business as a result of the song’s increasing popularity despite the varied responses.

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