What is the meaning of Head Up Champ? Remarks from Zizah Wife of the National Team 2024

Zizah recent viral caption, which said, “Head up champ and the like,” went viral. For football fans, the issue of what Heads Up Champ actually means is undoubtedly a huge one. Her spouse received this welcome as a way to motivate him to play football.

So let’s read the conversation through to the finish for those of you who are unaware of its genuine significance.

What does it mean of Head up Champ ?

This phrase is frequently used to offer assistance and motivation to someone who is going through a difficult time. Head up, champ literally translates to “Head up, Champion.”

Zizah’s words have the following meaning: “Head up champ is head up, O champion in my heart.” His cherished wife Pratama Arhan sent him this welcome in an effort to maintain his passion for battling in football games.

Timeline of Pratama Arhan’s Red Card Revocation

A stalwart on the Indonesian national team, Pratama Arhan eventually made his South Korean League debut with Suwon FC. Coach Kim Yoon-jong took four months to trust this former PSIS Semarang player, who had been brought in from Tokyo Verdy in January. Arhan made his debut on May 26 against Jeju United, coming on as a replacement in the 72nd minute. Unfortunately, he was sent off for a heavy foul right away, forcing Suwon FC to play with 10 players and lose 1-0.

Despite the unfavorable start to his career, Arhan is anticipated to grow from it. Suwon FC, with 21 points from 14 games, is now trapped in fifth position in the K League 1 rankings with this loss. Arhan will not play in the upcoming match against Daegu on May 29, 2024, as a result of this red card.

That is the Head Up Champ information. What does that signify? We may share what Zizah, the National Team’s wife, has to say. I hope it comes in handy.

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