What Does “Spade Spade Viral” Mean in Tiktok Slang?

The phrase “Spade Spade Viral” which frequently occurs in a variety of netizen films, has recently stunned the internet. A Javanese song that repeatedly repeats the phrase “spade spade” is credited with popularizing this phrase.

The music of this song quickly gained popularity, and many videos posted by internet users, particularly on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, used it. What does this widely shared “Spade of Spades” actually mean? Simply read the conversation through to the conclusion to learn more.

Actually, the occurrence of Javanese music being viral is not new. Javanese campursari songs, also known as dangdut, have started to gain popularity in recent years. The catchy lyrics and soothing melody cause listeners to nod, and these songs frequently become popular among youth.
Aside from that, the creative and lighthearted way in which many of these songs employ Javanese contributes to their allure.

The lyrics “a spade a spade” from this song are an illustration of this tendency. Many internet users copied the song’s backdrop and used it in their own videos once it was uploaded in one.

These videos typically have a nice, happy vibe to them, and dancing is frequently included.

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Slang Definition of “Spade Spade” in a viral manner

But despite its widespread use, a lot of internet users are interested in knowing what the term “spade spade viral” actually means. Shovel refers to a “hoe” or a digging instrument in common Javanese.

This word’s usage in the song could be an attempt to convey a simpler or more popular message, which is very characteristic of Javanese music culture.

However, “spade spade viral” refers to men’s genitalia in regional polite language on TikTok. Because of this, internet users who are unaware of the significance of the card of spades are not abnormal in the slightest and do not even feel ashamed to bring it up. But those who are already aware will certainly feel embarrassed because this word is usually only used for humor.

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That concludes the conversation over the viral spade. What does it signify in the lingo of Tiktok that we can understand? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the actual meaning of this phrase, maybe this information will be helpful.


That is the Mediafire URL that we can provide for the Spade Spade Viral Full Album Videos. With any luck, this facts will amuse you and help you understand why the Acha video became popular. You may use this to share the news with your friends on social media.

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