Watch live on RCTI: Timnas Indonesia U-23 vs Irak

Timnas Indonesia U-23 vs. Irak live streaming link di RCTI hari ini, Kamis 2 Mei 2024. The quarterfinal match between Indonesia and Iraq in the Asia-Pacific U-23 2024 will begin at 2:30 a.m. WIB.

Both Indonesia and Iran lost in the semifinals. Irak lawan Uzbekistan kalah lawan Jepang dan Indonesia. Both teams finished with identical scores, 0-2.

Although not the final, the match between Indonesia and Iraq is still very important. Thus, those who secure the fourth spot will automatically qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Furthermore, the fourth-place team needs to qualify for the playoffs.

In the group stage, Irak finished with a score of 0–2 against Thailand. Looking at it this way, Indonesia’s ability to make money might be considered limited. However, Irak still has to be eliminated since they played a really strong match, even if they lost to Japan in the semifinals.

Fans of Indonesian football are anticipating a thrilling match when their country’s national team plays Iraq. This much awaited game represents more than just the on-field competition—it also reflects the ardor and enthusiasm for football in both countries.

The History of Football in Indonesia


In Indonesian sports culture, football is highly valued and has a lengthy history that dates back to the early 1900s. The sport became a national preoccupation as it quickly gained popularity.

Present Situation

Despite a number of obstacles, such as poor infrastructure and political disputes, Indonesian football is nevertheless very popular, with devoted supporters of both local and national teams.

An overview of the football team representing Indonesia


The Indonesian national football squad has seen some success, such as winning the Southeast Asian Games and placing highly in local competitions.


The squad has, however, also had setbacks, fighting to remain consistent and up against fierce opposition in international events.

Overview of the Iraqi National Football Team

Past Events

Iraq boasts a rich football legacy, a fervent fan base, and a long history of developing gifted players.

Current Acts

Iraq has demonstrated encouraging results on the global scene recently, drawing notice for its talented athletes and spirit of competition.

Iraqi and Indonesian national football teams are contrasted

Advantages and Disadvantages

Because each team has distinct advantages and disadvantages, the forthcoming game promises to be an exciting contest of strategy and abilities.

Important Players

The performance of players like Iraq’s Alaa Abdul-Zahra and Indonesia’s Andik Vermansah is anticipated to be vital in deciding the match’s conclusion.

Past Meetings

There has been an exciting football rivalry between Iraq and Indonesia in the past, which heightens the excitement for their impending match.

Relevance of the Game

This match is very important for both teams since they are fighting for points in the worldwide rankings as well as control in the area.

An Overview of the Game Timnas Indonesia U-23 vs Irak

Location and Time

On [date], the game is set to take place at a neutral location, giving both sides an even playing field.


Expectations are high for an exciting show as football commentators and fans alike look forward to a hotly contested game.

How to View Timnas Indonesia U-23 vs Irak

Platforms for Streaming

Fans get access to all of the action live on a variety of streaming platforms, making it available to a global audience.

Television Networks

The game will also be televised by television networks, so supporters may enjoy the thrill from the comfort of their own homes.

Excitement and Expectations of Fans

Fans are clearly excited about the game, as seen by the lively conversations, predictions, and enthusiasm on social media in the run-up to it.

Professional Forecasts

Experts have commented on the game, predicting possible results and providing insights based on individual performances, team form, and tactical tactics.

Post-Match Evaluation

After the game, pundits will go down what happened, offering detailed insights and emphasizing crucial moments that influenced the result.


The match between Iraq and Indonesia looks to be an exciting one, displaying the skill and enthusiasm of both sides. The excitement for what is expected to be a spectacular encounter is at an all-time high as supporters impatiently anticipate start.

FAQs Timnas Indonesia U-23 vs Irak

Where can I view the online match?

Several internet outlets will be offering live streaming of the game.

Who should I pay particular attention to?

It is anticipated that players like Alaa Abdul-Zahra for Iraq and Andik Vermansah for Indonesia would excel.

How have both teams performed recently?

The anticipation for this match is increased by the teams’ previous encouraging results.

How significant is this game for the standings of both teams?

The results of this game will have a big impact on both teams’ positions in regional and global contests.

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