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A video featuring Soraya Rasyid vs Andrew Andika went viral video on social media, catapulting the young Indonesian star into the public eye. Renowned actor Andrew Andika is married to Tengku Dewi Putri. Many people were shocked and intrigued by the rumors of Soraya and Andrew having an affair, especially because Tengku Dewi’s Instagram Story post had started the controversy.

For a number of important reasons, this video became popular on social media sites including Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok:

Infidelity Controversy: Claims of adultery consistently garner public attention, particularly when they concern well-known figures. In addition to damaging Soraya Rasyid and Andrew’s reputations, this case also   rocked Andrew and Tengku Dewi’s household.

Public Confrontation: Tengku Dewi queried Soraya about her connection with her husband and received confirmation in an open discussion that she posted online. The audience became even more intrigued and invested in the drama when this clash was shared online in the form of recordings and screenshots of the chats.

Netizen Support and Criticism: A wide range of viewpoints were swiftly expressed by netizens in response to this topic. There are some who back Tengku Dewi, those who stand up for Soraya, and yet others who take offense at Andrew. The range of viewpoints increases the video’s social media reach.

Tengku Dewi posted a video to YouTube that shows him and Soraya having a phone chat. Tengku Dewi raises concerns about Soraya’s marriage to Andrew Andika in the video. The following are some salient issues from the discussion:

Accusations of infidelity: Tengku Dewi asserted that Soraya and Andrew had a unique bond. He questioned if Soraya had been in a relationship for a long time or whether she had truly been asleep when Andrew held and kissed her at a club due to her inebriation.

Confession from Soraya: She acknowledged that she was intoxicated when the event at the club occurred, which is why she was unconscious. Additionally, he acknowledged that the reason Andrew had moved in with him was due of his troubles.

Confrontation of Facts: Tengku Dewi made known that Soraya and Andrew could have had a protracted connection. He further disclosed that some online users claimed that they had been together for a long time since they had collaborated on an event.

Soraya’s response: She sounded afraid and sorry that she had let Andrew stay at her home. He made an effort to clarify that their friendship was limited to mutual support and compassion rather than any unique bond.

Tengku Dewi’s response: Tengku Dewi persisted in asking piercing questions of Soraya Rasyid, seemed unimpressed with her explanations. Additionally, he disclosed that Soraya was allegedly involved in an extramarital affair.

You may look for the video on social networking sites like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even TikTok if you’d want to obtain it straight. To observe Soraya’s connection or actions with Andrew up close, check out her social media pages.

Occasionally, though, the video gets removed or the social media account becomes private, making it unavailable for viewing. We can thus ask those who own the video to upload it to MediaFire. Later on, we may download it from anywhere at any time via the widely shared Soraya URL on Mediafire.

Download the viral video of Soraya Rasyid vs Mediafire (CS)

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