Veni Oktaviana and Lecturer Viral Link Part 2 

The recent viral video featuring Veni Oktaviana a student and a motorist who was pulled over by the driver wife. She has horrified the online community. As a result this brings to mind Veni incident with a UIN Lampung lecturer which went viral earlier.

The lecturer video went viral on social media and sparked a range of responses from online users. This story also went viral because to the well-known Instagram account @lambe_turah, which gained public notice right away.

Viral Lecturer and Veni Oktaviana

The event started when neighbors in the Sukarame District of Bandar Lampung’s Bahtera Indah Sejahtera housing complex became suspicious of strange activity occurring at the home of a professor who was later identified as Suhardiansyah (SHD).

When the inhabitants carried out a raid and discovered SHD with Veni Oktaviana (VO) in an odd circumstance, their suspicions were ultimately confirmed.

SHD’s wife was in Bengkulu on a teaching assignment when the raid happened. According to the confessions of both of them, they had dated for one month and had six dates during that period. The Lampung Police’s Senior Commissioner Umi Fadilah Astuti gave the media team the results of this examination.

Effects of Veni Oktaviana viral video and the lecturer

Not only did this revelation rock the virtual world, but it also set up a fierce backlash on campus and among the general population. Prof. Nirva Diana, the dean of UIN Raden Intan Lampung’s Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, declared that SHD and VO’s activities constituted grave infractions and that they would probably be expelled from the university.

As a contract professor, or P3K, SHD is susceptible to termination, and as a student, VO also runs the risk of being kicked off school.

Residents of RT 12 Sukarame Baru Village, according to Head Nurman, had long harbored suspicions about SHD’s operations. When the level of suspicion peaked, the raid was executed. Locals are hoping that this occurrence  will be a lesson to care more about the surrounding environment.

Part 2 of the viral video Veni Oktaviana

Regarding the widely shared video of Veni Oktaviana from part 2, it occurred when her legal wife saw her riding in the same vehicle as someone else’s spouse. You may view the entire timeline here:

The Chronology of the Oktaviana UIN Lampung Viral Video is provided here.

Many individuals regret her inappropriate actions as a result. Many online users made remarks like “it’s in their blood” to like someone else’s spouse, etc.

As a result, once this video went viral, people started talking about the previous event that went viral—namely, the lecturer and Veni Oktaviana being invaded by locals.

So, why is the debate about the Link Veni Oktaviana and Lecturer Viral Part 2 happening? that we are able to communicate. Hopefully, this conversation may lead to more Your Insights.

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