SMJ Brebes Viral 6 Minutes Facts: Best OnTwitter and Telegram links

6 minute 48 second film that purportedly featured workers of PT SMJ Brebes became popular recently on social media, particularly TikTok. Netizens were drawn to this video by its many captions, which included “What’s wrong with SMJ? Indeed, six minutes and 48 seconds it is, “buset pesona berkata siswa 6:45 sec sampai kawasan Cikarang”, “sing urung weruh berkata pink monggo absinthe sek cah”, and several other statements. Internet users characterized the video’s appeal as being highly stimulating.

But in addition to that, we also need to look into whether or not the video actually features PT SMJ Brebes staff. Since we have to first uncover the knowledge before sharing it real facts.

What is Brebes PT SMJ?

A business called PT SMJ Brebes is based in Brebes, Central Java. With staff working in shifts and having strict work hours, this enterprise is regarded as one of the biggest in the area. PT SMJ Brebes manufactures a range of shoes with a sizable domestic and international market.

Why Did the Employees of PT SMJ Brebes Go Viral?

According to this widely shared video, it depicts a pair that may be workers at PT SMJ Brebes in a room with pink walls and a TV mounted on the wall. This room is a distinctive location that enhances the romantic mood in the film, with its pink walls and TV.

Nevertheless, other internet users assert in TikTok comments that the individuals in the video are not workers of this organization. They also note that the video has been around for a while and only gained popularity once someone posted it with an intriguing caption.

The administration of @pedet260 posted a remark on TikTok, saying, “To all workers of PT SMJ In response to the viral video, we, the management, would want to clarify that these are NOT our employees. I’m grateful.

Furthermore, others claim that the pair is foreign and not Indonesian. Thus, we must verify the facts before disseminating information, and we should refrain from disseminating false information.

Finding the SMJ Brebes Viral 6 Minute 48 Seconds video link is a popular pastime among internet users. This is a result of social media’s effect, particularly that of internet users who share intriguing photographs with video links.

Many people desire to view and download this video due to its popularity. On TikTok, though, it’s now hard to locate this video. Here’s how to get the download:

PT SMJ Brebes via Telegram or Social Media

  • Look for the download link on Telegram or in social media groups. There, a lot of internet users share links.
  • Using Online Storage Services: Videos are frequently stored and shared on websites like Mediafire, Terabox, Doodstream, and others.
  • Look for the download link on Telegram or social media for the 6 minute, 48 second viral video by SMJ Brebes.
  • Copy the URL, then use a browser (like Chrome) to open it.
  • When the video file information appears, press Enter.
  • To download and save the movie to your device, click the download option.


That concludes the topic of Why PT SMJ Brebes Employees Go Viral on TikTok for Six Minutes. Verify the information that we can provide. Thus, the six-minute fake news video that is going around on TikTok is not a representative of PT SMJ Brebes; rather, it is a hoax. I hope this information proves to be helpful!

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