Shock Video: accident Rosignano toll booth 2024

Unbelievable Video of Today’s Event at the Rosignano Castle! Observe the Moment of Success! If you’re interested in seeing the exclusive photos of the incident at the Rosignano Solvay autostradale, you won’t want to miss this amazing film! Learn what has happened today and how the event at the Rosignano case, which has left everyone speechless, came to pass. The incident footage from the Rosignano autostradale is making the rounds on the internet, drawing millions of viewers’ attention. Don’t miss the chance to see with your own eyes the incredible addition to the Rosignano castle today. View the incident’s video now to get all the details of this dramatic vicenda!

The cameras’ capture of the collision at the Rosignano toll booth on Sunday, June 2, depicts the events’ dynamics: three fatalities. TV Corriere The pictures remain striking: three mangled automobiles, the whole Rosignano highway toll booth on the A12 entirely wrecked, and the three victims’ corpses painstakingly removed from the debris on a tragic Sunday.

This is the result of the horrific collision that happened yesterday at 1:00 PM on the extremely congested highway that goes towards the ocean.

Three people are dead: a German couple, ages 61 and 68, from Ausburg who were driving a Honda toward Rome when they crashed at a high rate of speed into a Fiat 500, which came to a stop.

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