See who’s going to Altas Horas on Mother’s Day, which features guests like Fátima Bernardes and Gabi Martins.

On this Saturday, the 11th, Altas Horas pays tribute to Mother’s Day by featuring a number of artists and celebrities alongside their offspring. These include Fátima Bernardes and Bia Bonemer, Adriana and her twins Natanna and Tuanny, Arlindinho and Babi Cruz, Gabi Martins and Maíra Martins, Hungary and Rachel Hungary, Lucas Lucco and Karina Lucco, Mano Walter and Elineusa Tenório, MC Binn and Mariza Ventura, Priscilla and Paula, and Sarah Beatriz and Monica Carvalho.

Songs like I Love You Baby, A Pureza da Flor, Amor Perfeito, Não Quero Dinheiro, Alone, Fogo e Paixão, Fica Assim Sem Você, Tocando Em Frente, and Todavia Me Alegrarei will be performed among the musical performances.

Visitors engage in conversation with Serginho Groisman, the presenter. Saturday, May 11, at 10:25 p.m., Altas Horas will air, after the soap opera Renascer. 00:15 is the estimated closure time.

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