Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story: The “Telgi Scam,” also known as the “Stamp Paper Scam,” was a massive financial fraud that took place in India in 2003.

A significant financial scam known as the “Telgi Scam,” sometimes called the “Stamp Paper Scam,” occurred in India in 2003. Abdul Karim Telgi,Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Release Date, Cast, Trailer a small-time thief who built a multi-billion dollar company producing counterfeit stamp paper, was the mastermind behind the con. An summary of the con is given below:

Selling bogus bus tickets was how Karnataka native Abdul Karim Telgi got started in crime. Later, he turned to forging Indian stamp documents, which are required for both legal and financial activities. Agreements, contracts, and other legal documents can be validated with these stamp sheets.

In Telgi’s scheme, false stamp sheets were produced and sold to several banks, insurance firms, and other organisations around the nation. To guarantee that the fake stamp papers were considered as genuine, he was able to enter the corrupt authorities and bureaucratic system. He expanded his business to other Indian states.

Due to the operations’ intricacy and the collaboration of various people inside the government and law enforcement organisations, the swindle went unreported for a considerable amount of time. Telgi’s illicit organisation was able to thrive because to his network of connections, which included police officers, government employees, and even politicians.

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Release Overview :-

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Name of Web Series Scam 2003: The Curious Case of Abdul Karim Telgi” (Provisionally)
Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Director’s Name Hansal MehtaPrann ChaurasiyaTushar Hiranandani
Producer’s Name Kartik R. IyerSameer NairDeepak Sega
Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Writer’s Name Kiran Yagnopavit
Cinematography By Stanley Mudda
Production By Applause Entertainment Ltd., Studio Next
Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Lead Cast Gagan Dev Riar as Abdul Karim Telgi
Scam 2003 The Telgi Story OTT Released Date  02 September 2023
Streaming OTT Platform  SonyLIV
Language  Hindi
Series Genre  Biography, Drama, & Crime
Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Release Date

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Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Release Date :-

2th September 2023, Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Release Date on Sonyliv.

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Cast:-

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Cast: The main character in the entire series will be Mr. Gagan Dev Riar. He’ll play the role of Abdul Karim Telgi. A brilliant ensemble has been assembled for the web series by director Hansal Mehta. The whole cast is given below, starting with:

  • Gagan Dev Riar as Abdul Karim Telgi
  • Mukesh Tiwari
  • Satyam Srivastava
  • Nitesh Kumar
  • Vishal C. Bhardwaj,
  • Deepak Mahato
  • Shaad Randhawa
  • Sana Amin Sheikh
  • Yash Kyatam
  • Aniruddh Roy
  • Dinesh Lal Yadav
  • Bharat Jadhav

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Storyline :-

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Storyline: The second installment of the Scam franchise is the online series Scam 2003. It attempts to replicate the success of the first part, Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story. The Series is based on the real-world incident. Abdul Karim Telgi, a resident of Khanapur, Karnataka, is the subject of the tale.

He became the brains behind one of the most cunning schemes ever devised in Indian history, one that shocked the whole nation and spanned several states. He engaged in a big fraud involving stamp paper worth 20K crores of rupees.

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Budget :-

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Release overview

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Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Budget : The makers and the production have not yet disclosed the budget for the web series. We will notify you reading all the updates as soon as they are revealed. You can remain interconnected with us by going to our main portal page and hitting that notification icon.

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story :-

The massive stamp paper fraud, which netted 20K Crores in rupees, is the inspiration for the web series fraud 2003. Abdul Karim Telgi perpetrated the fraud in 2003. Drama, crime, and biography will all be featured in the series. The series will trace Telgi’s rise from poverty to affluence.

Over 36 homes and 100 bank accounts were owned by Telgi across the country. The first person to evaluate this episode was reporter Sanjay Singh, who wrote about it in his Hindi book “Reporter Ki Diary.” The plot and premise of Scam 2003 are the same as those of Scam 1992. It is not a continuation of the original programme, but rather a franchise that focuses on the massive frauds and scams that occurred in India over the past few decades.

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Trailer :-

Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Trailer: The Series’ official trailer has not yet been released. The director, Hansal Mehta, has revealed the dates and the series via a teaser on this social media platform. Keep in touch with us, and we’ll keep you informed about all the newest developments regarding the cast, budget, and trailer for Scam 2003.

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