Sarti Baduy Biodata, Religion, Age and Real IG 2024

Sarti Baduy biodata became viral on social media. Sarti attractive appearance also makes it inevitable that a lot of people inquire about her background, including her age, religion, TikTok account, Instagram, and other details.

So let’s read the conversation through to the conclusion for those of you who are wondering who Sarti Baduy is.

Complete Biodata of Original Sarti Baduy

Sarti Baduy, a young girl from the Outer Baduy community, has caught the attention of netizens in Indonesia. Therefore, many want to know the complete profile of Sarti Baduy. Here is her complete biodata:

Name: Sarti Baduy
Sarti Baduy Age: 16 Years
Sarti Baduy Religion: Sunda Wiwitan
Sarti Baduy Instagram Account: @Sartibaduy_official
Sarti Baduy TikTok Account: @shcjinashiii
Sarti Baduy Address: Outer Baduy

  • After starring in videos alongside Vilmei, a wellknown TikTok producer and Willie Salim’s girlfriend, Sarti Baduy gained widespread attention.
  • Vilmei invites Sarti to Jakarta in the film so they may do food shopping, sightseeing, and clothing shopping.
  • Since the Baduy people live a very traditional existence away from technology, Sarti’s distinctiveness and simplicity when it comes to new items or meals catch the attention of many.
  • The Baduy people are renowned for eschewing modern technology and for living a traditional lifestyle, particularly in the Inner Baduy.
  • This accentuates Sarti’s allure as he interacts with modern objects in the large metropolis, seeming delighted but yet bewildered.
  • Sarti’s easygoing demeanor and inherent attractiveness contributed to her viral success.
  • Sarti received a lot of acclaim from online users for her genuine grin and kind demeanor, which come through in every TikTok post she makes.
  • Sarti’s easy grin and kind demeanor make interacting with her a pleasure for many.

Sarti Baduy Social Media Profile

Sarti has 1.8 million followers on her TikTok account, @shcjinashiii, indicating the platform’s popularity. As of the time this story was published, 80.5 thousand people were following the Instagram account @Sartibaduy_official.

Sarti’s social media presence adds a fresh hue by highlighting the exquisiteness of the Outer Baduy people’s culture and everyday existence, which is rarely seen.

In contrast to Rumsyah, another popular Outer Baduy girl on social media, Sarti was met with greater encouragement. Rumsyah had previously come under fire for being thought to be ungrateful following her receipt of a smartphone as a gift. Many TikTok fans, however, applauded Sarti for her kind and cheerful demeanor when working with Vilmei.


Thus, we are able to provide Sarti Baduy’s Complete Biodata, Religion, Age, and Original Instagram. We can only hope that this information will deepen our understanding of the existence of tribes that have managed to preserve their ancient ways of life.

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