Santoor Mom: The Social Media Trend That’s Going Viral 2024

Unexpectedly, a mother and son are shown in a viral video acting romantically, and the video has gone viral online. Santoor Mom The video, which is now referred to as the “Santoor Mom MMS,” has generated a great deal of controversy and discussion on social media.

One name has lately been quite popular in the huge ocean of social media, where trends come and go like tides: Rachna, also lovingly referred to as Santoor Mom. Rachna has won over millions of hearts with her adorable films of her baby. But who is this mysterious Santoor Mom, and why has she risen to such prominence so quickly? Let’s explore the intriguing realm of this internet phenomenon.

Rising Santoor Mom

Who Is Santoor Mom/ Rachna?

The middle-aged woman known online as Rachna is incredibly charming and has a contagious grin. With an impressive 324 videos and over 50,000 subscribers, her Instagram username, @Santoor.mom__, is quite popular. However, her genuineness and relatability to her material are what really set her apart, not simply her stats.

Santoor Mom: The Videos That Go Viral

The majority of Rachna films show her going about her son’s daily routine. She photographs everything, from routine tasks to touching moments. Watchers can’t get enough, whether it’s a lighthearted dance, an honest talk, or a trip to the grocery store. What, though, is the magic ingredient that causes her reels to go viral?

The Relationship Between Santoor Mom

The Santoor Soap Ad

Rachna rise to prominence was sparked by a seemingly innocent source: a soap opera commercial for Santoor. In its advertisements, Santoor, a well-known Indian brand, portrayed Rachna as the ideal mother. Her relatability, elegance, and warmth connected with the crowd. Her reel movies quickly became popular, and the Santoor Mummy was created.

“Are They a Couple?” question Conjecture

Romantic encounters with her kid are a common component in Rachna’s videos. There are rumors that they are more of a relationship than a parent-child combo because of their obvious chemistry. The relationship between Rachna and her kid is what really shines in her vlogs, even if her husband makes an infrequent appearance.

It is impossible to overlook the impact of Santoor soap’s advertising efforts in this situation. Targeting young, attractive moms in their 30s, the brand has been advertising the idea of the “Santoor Mummy” as a desirable, youthful figure for decades. This venerable marketing tactic seems to have served as the model for the viral trend.

The advertising strategy used by Santoor soap has continuously depicted moms as enticing and perpetually young, subverting social expectations related to parenting and aging.

The Santoor Mummy movement has gained significant traction thanks in large part to social media. On Twitter, women shared their own images that mirrored the brand’s young appeal, making the hashtag #SantoorMoms trend.


Santoor Mom has established herself as a digital authenticity icon thanks to her endearing material and natural charm. We are excitedly awaiting Rachna’s amazing journey’s next chapter as her reels keep resonating.

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