Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Price in World: Review, Features, Camera, Battery

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Price in World: Samsung is one of the most sought-after smartphone brands in India. The brand releases more smartphones each year than one could count on their hands between the reasonable M-series, the upscale A-series, and the leading S and Z line of smartphones. The corporation also throws a few balls into the examination.

Undoubtedly, the firm has built a devoted following in India, and with the launch of the brand-new Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, which has an incredible camera stack among other things, it hopes to attract even more customers. Here is what I think of the unit I was able to operate my hands on. Sensibly well-rounded, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is a phone.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

Samsung’s affordable smartphones, especially the A-series models, have consistently shown to provide excellent value for the money. One of such is the World A7 series of phones, and the recently released Galaxy A73 5G is not an exception. The phone’s starting price is Rs 41,999, and for that much, it has several flagship-grade features. The 108MP primary camera sensor at the rear is the focal point of that arrangement.

There is yet more to the list fair. The phone also has a stunning, remarkable Super AMOLED display, a powerful CPU, and a capable battery to power all the technology within. Apart from that, the Galaxy A73 5G also has a remarkable guarantee of up to four generations of Android updates and five generations of security updates, especially for a smartphone that is not as expensive as a flagship.

About Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

The Galaxy A73 5G may be a capable, fully equipped mid-range 5G device with a premium price tag, but its outdated internals and poor charging performance set it down. Despite this, features that set it apart from competitors include IP67 waterproofing and a lengthy programming history. Despite having a wide screen, the phone is quite easy to use and manage, as seen by its weight of 181g and around 7.6 mm thickness. Though it feels plasticky, the construction quality is amazing. Although the rear is not very good at attracting fingerprints, the camera hump is easily identifiable. Because the phone is IP67 rated, it can submerge itself in freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

The item we tested was Amazing Mint in color, but if you’d like, you can also purchase it in Amazing Dark and Amazing White. The device uses an in-display unique mark scanner, which functions as intended. However, given the design of the device, one would think that the unique finger impression sensor would be located on the side control button. With the fastest SIM plate available, you can use two Nano-SIM cards in a dual-SIM configuration, or one SIM card and a microSD card up to 1TB. Given the device’s tiny design, the removal of the 3.5mm headphone port was expected; nonetheless, the USB-C adapter that was supposed to be included in the package is missing.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Price in World

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G starts at Rs 41,999 and offers a lot of good features for the money. First off, the device is one of the rare breed of Android phones with an IP rating that are expected to launch for less than Rs 50K. In addition, the device has a sleek appearance and is rather lightweight.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Features

The Galaxy A73 5G can only be mistaken for a Samsung phone. Because the business has adhered to the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy, the smartphone is styled similarly to its predecessor or predecessors. In line with this, the Galaxy A73 5G also has a polycarbonate build, which felt fairly robust and durable to me during my time using the phone. The Galaxy A73 5G is a handsome package even though the plan doesn’t feel as ostentatious as rival glass-back devices like the OnePlus 9RT (review) or the iQOO 9 (review).

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Design and Display

the smartphone conforms to the norms and does away with the headphone connector as well. Nevertheless, the device has a twin speaker arrangement that is rather loud and provides enough stereo separation, paving the door for enjoyable media consumption. However, I didn’t particularly enjoy writing on the phone due to the unit’s extremely mild haptics.

the smartphone comes with a bright screen that will significantly increase your interest in viewing movies. In terms of specifications, the board is 6.7 inches in length, provides FHD+ resolution, and is supported by Super AMOLED Additionally innovation. You also won’t have to deal with accidental touches or color twisting because the show is of the level assortment.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Efficiency and Storage

In summary, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G CPU powers the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, and it operates in close proximity to LPDDR4x 8GB RAM and UFS 2.2 128GB storage. Now that you have your pitchforks out, let me to settle the debate on the smartphone’s performance capabilities. As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G isn’t as intelligent as rival smartphones supported by SD888/888+. Even yet, the smartphone is still a powerful entertainer, and the only thing that will make a difference right now is the 8-series CPU inside the gaming office. Other visually intensive games like CoD Mobile and Genshin Affect also maintain the same viewpoint.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Camera

Samsung has gone all out with the Galaxy A73 5G. The smartphone is really the first in the Galaxy A-series to come with a 108MP main camera. A 12MP ultrawide point and shooter, a 5MP depth camera, a 5MP large-scale camera, and a 32MP selfie camera are all included in the helper sensors. I should also mention that the device supports OIS, so you should be able to film footage with the A73 5G’s primary sensor that is silky-smooth. The phone’s camera specs sheet appears to read quite well, but are the sensors that good? Now, let’s start with some photos taken with the phone’s primary sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Battery Life

Galaxy A73 5G’s efficient CPU also prolongs the device’s battery life. With the show set to 120Hz, I was actually able to get a full day’s use out of the phone. Currently, if you play a lot of games, you may use up the phone’s 5,000mAh faster, but for the most part, most users won’t have any battery anxiety when carrying the A73 5G about in their pockets.

Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G starts at Rs 41,999 and offers a lot of good features for the money. First off, the device is one of the rare breed of Android phones with an IP rating that are expected to ship for less than Rs 50K. In addition, the device has a wonderful appearance and is rather light. Most importantly, the device has a capable CPU out of the box that can play games at reasonable graphics settings in addition to doing routine tasks with ease. It is not to imply, however, that the phone is the end all. In actuality, a premium plan will bring you an Android that is practically faster for the same price or less.

In summary

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is a superb smartphone with outstanding features and performance. This phone provides an immersive viewing experience for all your entertainment requirements with its beautiful display and stylish design. The A73 5G’s camera mechanism is really amazing; it can take clear, colorful pictures in any kind of illumination. This phone is a great choice if you enjoy shooting photos or are an enthusiast photographer. Additionally, you can take advantage of blazing-fast internet connections for smooth gaming, streaming, and browsing with 5G connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is an excellent option for anyone seeking a premium smartphone that excels in terms of both design and functionality.

FAQs for Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

What makes the Samsung A73 5G so unique?

The Galaxy A73 5G’s high-resolution 108MP Wide-angle Camera produces images with unmatched clarity by capturing a wealth of light and minute details. The Depth Camera allows you to focus on certain items, the Macro Camera allows you to inspect objects up close, and the Ultra Wide Camera makes it easy to photograph vast groups of people.

the Samsung A73 5G an excellent camera phone?

really amazing camera setup, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G allows you to take the best pictures and movies for your social media accounts.

A73 or S21: which camera is superior?

you look closely, you can see that the S21 FE’s specialized telephoto sensor produces clearer shots. Still, the A73 doesn’t fare badly in this regard either. Even while the A73 uses its primary camera to zoom in rather than the S21’s telephoto sensor, the images it takes are just as brilliant and crisp as those shot with the S21 FE.

Do I need a screen protector for my Samsung A73?

Samsung Galaxy A73 safe from potential injury including drops, bumps, and other occurrences. Your device’s screen is an important component, thus having a screen protector is necessary for the best possible protection.

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