Ryan Garcia boxer tested positive for the prohibited drug ostarine 2024

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association letter, which was acquired by ESPN on Wednesday, states that prominent boxer Ryan Garcia tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug Ostarine on the day prior to and the day of his surprising victory over Devin Haney last month.

Prior to the battle, the samples were collected, but the outcomes were not known for some time.

Garcia may ask for his B-sample to be examined within ten days. The 19-Norandrosterone that Garcia’s A-sample tested positive for is likewise unknown at this time.

Ryan Garcia boxer tested positive for the prohibited drug ostarine 2024

On X, Garcia was heard saying in a video, “Everyone knows that I don’t cheat.” Never taken steroids… The location of steroids is even unknown to me. Seldom do I take vitamins. Fibs, I slapped his behind.”

The majority decision triumph came despite Garcia, 25, flooring Haney three times. However, that outcome is now up to review unless the B-sample, which is uncommon, comes back negative.

Garcia responded to the charges on social media, addressing the matter and sarcastically expressing his skepticism. Dan Rafael, a seasoned boxing writer, clarified the matter by describing Garcia’s purportedly positive test result. The timing of the test results was also explained by ESPN’s Mike Coppinger, who revealed that the drug was found the day before the bout as well as on fight day.

Though there’s no guarantee that a positive test will result in Garcia’s win, the 25-year-old Garcia (25-1, 20 KO) could theoretically have his victory changed to a no-contest. In that case, Garcia would normally appeal; even when someone who fails a test knows a “B sample” will show the same result, they usually demand it, maybe just hoping for a miracle that it won’t. However, Garcia no longer truly follows procedure, so who knows what will happen.

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What is Ostarine drug?

Athletes utilize the illegal performance-enhancing drug ostarine to build muscle and boost strength.

Body-builders frequently utilize this dietary supplement, which is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), to increase muscle development by binding to the body’s androgen receptors.

SARMs, like Ostarine, function similarly to steroids, but they are not the same since steroids act on the body as a whole, whereas SARMs only target particular body sections.

The substance is not FDA-approved, making it unfit for human consumption, and the World Anti-Doping Agency forbids athletes from using it (WADA).

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