Who is Robert Morris? Pastor of Gateway Church Resigns Following Oklahoma Realtor Allegations of Abuse 2024

Robert Morris Quick Info

Robert Morris Real NameRobert Morris.
Robert Morris Age62.
Robert Morris Birth DateJuly 29th, 1961.
Birth PlaceMarshall, Texas.
Robert Morris GenderMale.
Robert Morris EthnicityAmerican.
Robert Morris Relationship
Robert Morris WifeDebbie Morris.
Robert Morris KidsTwo Son.
One Daughter.

Robert Morris, a 62 year old former senior pastor of Gateway Church, a multicampus church with its headquarters located in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas, was born on July 29, 1961.

His radio program, “Worship & the Word with Pastor Robert,” airs in more than 6,800 cities, while his television program is seen by viewers in more than 190 nations.

Morris is a best-selling author of many books, including “The Blessed Life,” “Dream to Destiny,” “The God I Never Knew,” and “Grace, Period.” He currently holds the position of chancellor of The King’s University.
Morris had a well-known profession, but after allegations of sexual assault arose, he quit.

Realtor Cindy Clemishire of Oklahoma came forward in the 1980s to publicly accuse Morris of repeatedly molesting her, starting when she was 12 years old.

Morris admitted to “inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady” during that time period. Following these revelations, Gateway Church accepted his resignation as senior pastor on a Tuesday,

Cindy Clemishire was sexually assaulted by Robert Morris several times

At a Tulsa youth revival in 1981, Cindy and her family got to know Robert Moris. Twenty-year-old Morris was a wandering evangelist who was wed to Debbie.

At the time, Cindy was eleven years old, and her family was very interested in their church and other evangelistic activities. After receiving an invitation to spearhead a youth revival in Hominy, Oklahoma, Cindy’s birthplace, Morris started giving Sunday sermons at their church.

He was a frequent guest of Cindy, and on occasion he would bring his wife, Debbie, and their small son, Josh. The families became close, and Cindy began to view the Morrises as reliable and secure friends with whom to go on frequent outings.

But Morris’s actions on Christmas Eve, December 25, 1982, marked a significant behavioral shift.

Morris requested Cindy to come to his room during a visit, and she did so without raising any red flags.

When he got there, he started improperly groping her and told her not to tell anybody because it would “ruin everything.” The abuse, which occurred in Texas, Oklahoma, and even in the Morris residence in Texas, persisted until March 1987.

Unknowingly providing financial support to Morris’s ministry, Cindy’s father was oblivious to the abuse his daughter was subjected to.

Eventually, Cindy told a close friend who was acquainted with both families. She was advised to notify her parents by this pal. Outraged to discover the truth, Cindy’s father called Shady Grove Church’s senior pastor and demanded that Morris resign from his ministry or he would report him to the police.

Morris earlier claimed that his interactions with “Young Lady” were “inappropriate.”

In the 1980s, Dallas-area megachurch pastor Robert Morris acknowledged engaging in “inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady” after a woman accused him of molesting her when she was 12 years old.

In a public statement, Morris gave more specifics, stating that although there was no sexual activity, there were many instances of kissing and petting over a period of years.

When the matter came up in March 1987, Morris was forced to own up to it and ask for forgiveness. He surrendered himself to the father of the young woman and the Shady Grove Church Elders.

They gave him instructions to leave the ministry and engage in freedom ministry and counseling, which he carried out. Morris said that he has made a commitment to upholding.

Morris and his spouse had a meeting with the victim’s family in 1989 to beg for forgiveness, and they were accepted. Morris undertook a two-year “restoration process” after his moral failing, according to a statement provided to WFAA by Gateway Church.

Morris stepped out from service during this process, which was closely watched by the Shady Grove Church Elders. He also received professional and freedom ministry therapy.

In addition, Gateway Church stated that since the closure of this 35-year-old issue, no more moral transgressions have occurred.

Robert Morris is the grandfather of Nine

Debbie, Robert Morris’ spouse, and they were joined in marriage 44 years ago. Robert was well-known for his naughty ways in their church youth group, where they first met as youngsters.

They began dating when Debbie was 17 and Robert was 16, despite their differences. When Robert gave his life to the Lord in 1981, their relationship was completely changed by his dedication to his religion.

Debbie says she is grateful for Robert’s love and support and that he goes above and beyond to satisfy her needs and make her laugh. Robert presents Debbie with a tractor to help manage the land on their rural property, where they love spending time together away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Their delight comes from their nine grandkids, one married daughter, two married sons, and a shared love of family and religion.

FAQs for Robert Morris

Question: Who’s the wife of Robert Morris?

Debbie Morris is the answer.

Question: How old is Robert Morris?

Pastor Robert’s age is 62 Years.

Questions: What made Robert Morris leave Gateway Church?

In response to claims that he had sexually assaulted a 12-year-old child, Pastor Robert resigned.

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