Julio Foolio Shocking Autopsy and Instagram Reveal Face, Reddit users reveal the shooting details and the reactions on Twitter 2024.

A Jacksonville rapper’s birthday party took a tragic turn over the weekend. According to HotNew HipHop, hip-hop singer Julio Foolio was shot and killed in Tampa while honoring his 26th birthday. When police arrived to close down the Airbnb, he was attending a pool party there.

TMZ claims that the party was ejected from the Airbnb due to exceeding the maximum capacity.

Charles Jones, actual name Julio Foolio, and other partygoers then made their way to another site. Julio Foolio captured the group moving, and in the footage that TMZ released, he said that they were “20 deep.”

The hip-hop community has already lost two unfortunate members this month. Renowned rapper Enchanting passed away from a heroin overdose earlier this month. Shortly after being put on life support, she passed away. She was 26 years old as well. She had over 185,000 monthly listeners thanks to hits like Track & Field and No Luv.

Julio Foolio Face Revel in Instagram

In an Instagram post from April, Jones stated there had been “multiple attempts on my life.” In addition, he claimed he was losing people to “jail and graveyards.”

In 2022, Jones talked about being shot at while attempting to exit the studio during an appearance on a podcast. That gunshot attempt did not kill him.

Authorities are requesting that anybody with any footage or information on the event contact the Tampa Police Department at 813-231-6130. Authorities are still investigating the incident in an effort to identify all those involved as well as the circumstances leading up to it.

Foolio has almost 950,000 listeners per month. Among his most well-known tunes were Voo Doo and Dead Opps. Part Two: I Detest You, I Love You, Let’s Play

According to the police, early on Sunday, bullets struck four persons in a hotel parking lot. They thought the deceased to be Foolio, but they wanted to wait for a medical check.

Jacksonville rapper/ Julio Foolio Shoot Down His Birthday Party

A legal company representing the 26-year-old victim, Charles Jones, revealed his identity in a statement.

Lewis Fusco, citing a local outlet of the BBC’s US partner, CBS News, stated in a statement that the artist was “reportedly ambushed” in the hotel parking lot.

After being ordered to vacate an Airbnb apartment by authorities because he and his guests had surpassed the maximum number of occupants, he was forced to move.

The rapper claimed that the cops had “shut us down” in posts he had been making about the festivities on his Instagram account.

According to authorities, the gunshot occurred at about 04:40 EDT (08:40 GMT), striking two automobiles. After being transported to a hospital, the status of the other three injured people was listed as stable.

Voo Doo is Foolio’s most-played song on Spotify, where he has about a million monthly listeners.

He said that the past several months had been “tragic” and mentioned “multiple attempts on my life” in an Instagram post from April.

Local media reports claim that he was upfront about his gang membership.

The public has been asked to offer any information that might aid in the police’s inquiry.

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