Quavo calls Chris Brown “The Crackhead Michael Jackson” in a new diss track Brown Answers 2024

Quavo and Chris Brown’s conflict is still getting worse.The rapper from Migos didn’t waste any time in replying with his own song after Chris Brown released his most recent diss track, “Weakest Link,” which was directed against Quavo, over the weekend.

Quavo’s return, “Over Hoes & B*tches,” which debuted on DJ Akademiks’ webcast on Monday, not only hits hard but also honors the late Takeoff by using a few of his words.

Quavo doesn’t hold back in discussing Brown’s violent background in his most recent diss, even going so far as to address certain accusations that the singer had an affair with Teyana Taylor.

Quavo calls Chris Brown

In a fiery exchange of diss tracks, Quavo and Chris Brown have taken their feud to new heights, with both artists firing off personal attacks and references to past conflicts.

Quavo’s response to Chris Brown’s initial bar about their encounter during fashion week pulls no punches. He digs into Brown’s history, mentioning reported incidents involving Frank Ocean in 2013 and a home invasion in 2015 that targeted Brown’s aunt. Quavo’s lyrics suggest a simmering resentment, warning Brown not to bring up certain topics.

The feud takes a personal turn as Quavo brings up Karrueche Tran, Brown’s former girlfriend, a recurring theme in their exchanges. Quavo’s lines insinuate Brown’s attachment to past relationships and alleged incidents involving other artists like Teyana Taylor, adding fuel to the fire.

Labeling Brown as the “crackhead Michael Jackson,” Quavo doesn’t hold back, delivering biting jabs aimed at undermining Brown’s reputation. The intensity of the exchange escalates as Quavo expresses unresolved grievances, indicating that this feud is far from over.

Chris Brown seems to think less of Quavo’s song and disparage it in his Instagram post, which conveys a mixture of disappointment and contempt. Brown, though, later released a diss track, indicating that the conflict is far from over. Both artists are still trading barbs back and forth, and it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon.

Fans are excitedly anticipating Quavo and Chris Brown’s next move in their high-profile dispute as they continue to use their platforms to make their voices heard in this continuing musical battle.

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