PT Unipart Logistics Indonesia a Scam 2024?

Social media users have recently been talking about PT Unipart Logistics Indonesia in relation to calls made during employment interviews via WhatsApp. Many internet users have seen this message, thus it begs the question: is this firm legitimate or just a scam?

According to the circulating job interview invitation mail, PT Unipart Logistics Indonesia is a logistics, transportation, freight, and expedition firm.

The message also asked potential workers to participate in the selection process at Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai No.1H, RT.1/RW.15, Klender, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta on Saturday, July 6, 2024. Mrs. Sarah Maesaroh, SE is the signatory to the communication.

PT Unipart Logistics Indonesia profile

It is believed that PT Unipart Logistics Indonesia is a logistics firm. It’s challenging to get further details regarding the company’s profile, nonetheless. Legitimate businesses often have an official website, a LinkedIn page, and testimonials from current or past staff members. Verifying the company’s existence and repute requires this information.

employment opening

The message inviting the candidate to an interview said that the candidate had made it past the first round of selection based on online applications submitted through several job search portals.

Nevertheless, no more information is provided about the role being offered, the necessary credentials, or any other information that is typically included in legitimate job listings.

What is a fraud PT Unipart Logistics Indonesia?

Many internet users had their doubts about this firm before they agreed to the interview call.

A netizen inquired as to whether or not this firm was a hoax. Many people responded in the comments section by saying that this firm is a fraud or a fake. In the event that the interview took place in a shophouse, it is unquestionably fraudulent.

Here are a few clues that this interview call might be a scam:

Interview Location: According to the notification, a shophouse would be used for the interview. Locations such as this are often used by dishonest businesses to mask their malicious activities.

Money Request: During interviews, fraudulent job postings typically request payment for registration fees, uniforms, or other administrative costs. Reputable businesses won’t request payment from potential hires for the recruitment process.

Absence of Official Information: Another red flag is the absence of a legitimate company profile or official website. Reputable businesses typically have a noticeable internet presence.

Reviews and Comments: If there aren’t any testimonials from recent or previous workers, it might mean that the business doesn’t have a solid track record.

That brings us to our examination of PT Unipart Logistics Indonesia: Fraud or Not? I hope it comes in handy. If any of you have been or worked at the interview location, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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