This is the President and Director of PT Indojaya Translog salary for 2024

Christian Benny Hariyanto, also known as Papi Abe, has been the talk of social media lately. He is well-known for creating content on TikTok and frequently posting pictures of himself playing with his kid. Many online users believe he works for no pay and merely consumes stuff from social media.

Christian Benny Hariyanto is actually the President Director or CEO of PT Indojaya Translog, it was discovered when he displayed his business card during a live webcast. This information shocked a lot of people and sparked several inquiries, one of which concerned Christian Benny Hariyanto’s pay as President and Director of PT Indojaya Translog.

The CEO of PT Indojaya Translog estimated salary

While PT Indojaya Translog’s President Director’s exact compensation is unknown, we may make an educated guess based on Indonesia’s logistics sector norms.

A big logistics company’s CEO or Managing Director often earns a pretty high pay in light of their significant responsibilities and crucial role in setting the company’s direction and policies.

Based on data gathered from many industry sources, the monthly remuneration of a CEO in an Indonesian logistics firm can range from IDR 100 million to IDR 300 million, contingent upon the company’s size and sales.

A CEO often earns numerous allowances and incentives in addition to their regular pay, which are determined by the company’s performance, such as:

Health Benefits:

  • Provides insurance for your family’s medical needs as well as your own.
  • Transportation Allowance: Transportation allowance or vehicle facilities.

Annual Bonus:

  • Dependant on reaching corporate goals.
  • Company Stock: As part of the remuneration package, some corporations provide stock options.

This is the President, Director, or CEO of PT Indojaya Translog’s anticipated pay. This information is only an estimate based on typical CEO salaries at comparable businesses.

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