Who is PPLN Den Haag Viral CAT Member? Visit Biodata for further information 2024

A case involving PPLN member with the initials CAT and KPU Chairman Hasyim Asy’ari has gained a lot of attention recently. A series of DKPP examination hearings exposed details of improper contacts between the two, bringing this episode to the public’s attention.

Many individuals were intrigued by the uproar and wanted to learn more about the persona and history of the PPLN member with the letters CAT, as well as the whole sequence of events leading up to Hasyim’s termination as KPU Chairman. Now simply read the conversation through to the finish for those of you who are intrigued.

Which member of PPLN Den Haag has the initials CAT?

Cindra Aditi Tejakinkin is the member of the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) Den Haag whose initials are CAT. Cindra gained notoriety after disclosing immoral behaviors carried out by Hasyim Asy’ari, the Chairman of the General Election Commission (KPU).

Cindra reported that she was subjected to lewd behavior by Hasyim while he was in Amsterdam in October of 2023.

Timeline of the Case and the KPU Chairman’s Dismissal by the DKPP

The case started in early October 2023 when Hasyim Asy’ari, the KPU Chairman at the moment, traveled to Amsterdam for an official function.

The whole timeline of what transpired before Hasyim was fired by the Election Organizer Honorary Council (DKPP) is shown below.

Cindra reported that she was subjected to lewd behavior by Hasyim while he was in Amsterdam in October of 2023.

Timeline of the KPU Chairman’s Removal by the DKPP

  • The DKPP looked into claims of immoral behavior that were made in the case of Hasyim, the KPU Chairman. A timeline of events based on the information presented at the examination hearing is as follows:
  • On October 3, 2023, Hasyim opened and made a speech at an event held at a hotel in Amsterdam. Cindra, a PPLN Den Haag member, was called by Hasyim that evening and invited to his hotel room.
  • Gathering in the Hotel Room: Cindra visited Hasyim in his hotel room, where they had a conversation in the living area. She then claimed that Hasyim coerced her into having intercourse. Hasyim persisted in pressuring her despite her refusal by making specific promises.
  • Walking Together in Amsterdam: Following the incident, Hasyim and the PPLN member went on several walks together in Amsterdam until October 7, 2023, when Hasyim left for Jakarta. Hasyim also shared a picture of the pair with the caption, “my,” taken in front of the hotel lobby.

Intensive WhatsApp Conversation:

  • On October 9, 2023, Hasyim posted a WhatsApp message that had the phrase “First Glance Down to the Heart” and an emoticon of a hug.
  • October 11, 2023: Hasyim committed to assist the PPLN member in handling the process of buying an apartment in Kuningan, Jakarta.
  • On October 13, 2023, Hasyim wrote to Cindra to say how much he loved her. In response, he said he couldn’t keep up the connection as he didn’t want his reputation to be damaged.

Information Released During the Examination Hearing:

  • It was discovered that Hasyim had given Cindra private knowledge on the use of Technical Guidance (Bimtek). Instructions to “keep secret for your eyes only” and “not for share” were included with the communications, suggesting.
  • Hasyim and Cindra were in close contact over WhatsApp, with Hasyim inviting her to go out with him on the outskirts of the Bimtek event in The Hague.

    On August 12, 2023, Cindra requested that Hasyim bring her possessions from Jakarta, which included two packs of instant noodles, a blouse, a PPLN vest, and undergarments. Then, Hasyim playfully said, “Oh, sorry, Ma’am, it slipped.”

Health Examination:

  • Cindra had health issues following the October 3, 2023, event, and on October 18, 2023, she had a check-up. Cindra and Hasyim should go to a follow-up appointment jointly, the doctor said.
  • The PPLN member phoned Hasyim on October 31, 2023, asking him to be checked out. Hasyim concurred and sent the findings of his assessment.
  • Disclosure of Sexual Activity:
  • Hasyim confessed at the examination hearing to having sex with Cindra on October 3, 2023. He said that he had physical health issues following the encounter.

Profession and Matrimonial Obligation:

  • Inspired by Cindra’s presence in Indonesia to fulfill her commitment to Hasyim, the two signed a statement on January 2 and 5, 2024. In addition, Hasyim helped Cindra arrange for airline tickets and lodging while she was in Jakarta.
  • This is the information we can provide about Who is the Den Haag PPLN’s Viral CAT Member. The KPU Chairperson’s termination by the DKPP due to immoral behavior serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to uphold ethics and integrity when performing
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