National Chili Day – February 22:History, Dates, Best ACTIVITIES

National Chili Day is observed on February 22. It is an occasion to honor the fabled food that has the power to unite and divide people. Not only is chili the perfect food for winning over people, but it’s also the best for a cook-off. Secret ingredients are never discussed louder than whispers, and family recipes are treasured like diamonds. Furthermore, there are heated discussions about whether or not beans belong in chili. However, all of these contribute to the unique sensation that is chili. Everyone gathers at the table when the chili is served, sometimes topped with shredded cheese and chopped onions.

National Chili Day Tomatoes, beans, chili peppers, beef, garlic, onions, and cumin are the main ingredients of chili. But there are a ton of ways to customize the simple chili recipe that cooks provide. Chili cook-off competitions prefer to showcase chili as a favorite entry since it comes in so many variants.

National Chili Day A “chili” dish consisting of dried beef, suet, dried chili peppers, and salt was utilized by American frontier settlers. All of this was combined, shaped into bricks, and allowed to dry. The bricks might then be cooked in pots on the pathways.

National Chili Day The San Antonio Chili Stand introduced the flavor of chili to Americans across the country in 1893 during the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. San Antonio’s prominence as a travel destination aided in the dissemination of Texas-style chili con carne throughout the


Prepare your preferred chili.

National Chili Day: Perhaps you have your go-to recipe memorized, or perhaps it’s recorded in your most beloved cookbook. Perhaps you might give your mother a call and ask her to walk you through the process step-by-step. However you want to cook the chili, after it’s on the burner, enjoy a steaming hot bowl of the delicious stuff.

Have a cook-off for chili.

National Chili Day: Everybody has a recipe for chili, and by everyone we mean it. So let’s throw down some chili and invite everyone over. There will be a lot of competition, but so will your appetites.

Take a tour of Chili.

Everyone has a recipe for chili, and we really mean it. This includes the cooks at your favorite eateries. Find out where you can get chili in your town.

Go on chili tour

Everyone has a recipe for chili, and we really mean it. This includes the cooks at your favorite eateries. Discover which restaurants in your community serve chili, then create your own take on a progressive meal to determine which is your favorite. You’ll know where to go on National Chili Day the following year.


  • Make some chili.
  • Try this Wild Came Chili recipe.
  • Invite friends to warm up over a bowl of chili.
  • Share your recipes.
  • Host a chili cook-off.
  • Use #NationalChiliDay to post on social media.

History of National Chili Day

National Chili Day was started by Rich Kelly of the Hard Times Cafe in Arlington, Virginia. Since at least 2006, the occasion has been marked by cook-offs, potlucks, feasts, and bottomless bowls.


2021February 25Thursday
2022February 24Thursday
2023February 23Thursday
2024February 22Thursday
2025February 27Thursday


Q. Are all chiles hot?

A. Not at all. Because chili is so adaptable, it may be prepared with very little to no heat.

Q. What is a cook-off for chili?

A. Chili cook-offs are contests. A cook-off is a good approach to find out who truly does have the greatest chili because many people say they make the best. As contestants present their completed dish, judges sample each one. A chili cook-off can occasionally serve as a charitable fundraiser.

Q. What sorts of garnishes are served with chili?

A. Some individuals like their chili plain, with no extra toppings. But there are many of ways to garnish your chili. Try these suggestions.

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