Lithuanian influencer Inga Stumbriene gender reveal party causes Sparks On social media 2024

The recent gender reveal party hosted by Lithuanian socialite Inga Stumbriene has gone viral online, earning criticism for being a “pompous” event that jeopardizes the environment. Inga Stumbriene and her spouse intended to use three airplanes that would produce smoke-like trails in the sky to announce the gender of their unborn child.

The popular video shows planes dropping blue powder, indicating that the couple is expecting a boy, who is seen standing in front of a balloon arrangement.

Event of Lithuanian Influencer Gender Reveal Inga Stumbriene Is Anger on Social Media

A large circle was created in the air by three leased aircraft. They sprayed blue-colored smoke as they swooped directly overhead the pair. Not only that, but the area was transformed into a little explosion by the blue confetti and powdered smoke thrown by fire sparks set in the grass area.

Adding a caption, she said,

Even though we are experiencing unfathomable happiness and tranquility at home, it appears like everyone is genuinely enthusiastic about our gender reveal ceremony. To be quite honest, while I was organizing this lovely and cozy family gathering that warmed the hearts of people all around the world, I truly didn’t anticipate this.

When the video began to circulate on social media, Inga Stumbriene was taken aback by the differing responses she received. \

Over 25 million people have seen the video as of right now.

One of the user on X @pascalwald wrote-

“Dumpest thing I have ever seen. What is wrong with people nowadays.”

While another @rudes888 wrote-

“Inconsiderate a-oles ! All for a gender reveal thanks environment”

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