Lissa in Macao Private Video Viral on Social Media 2024

Lissa in Macao is now trending in the media. There are rumors circulating on social media that she appears in a compromising circumstance in a private film that has been circulated. The video was first made available on Twitter, and then it made its way to Instagram and Telegram.

The precise source of the leak for the popular video is still unknown, but it has spurred a discussion about social media privacy rules. While some people are doubting the veracity of the video, many others are supporting her and claiming that her privacy has been violated. Please take notice that relevant sources have not yet formally validated the clip’s relevance.

Lissa in Macao Private Video Viral

Lissa in Macao and her managers have not released any remarks. After winning Miss Popular 2020 Season 2, Lissa in Macao initially gained attention. From her early years, she has been involved in the modeling and singing industries.

Known by several aliases, including Chieng Lie Sa, she was born in Indonesia on August 17, 1997. She is an actor, dancer, and businesswoman in addition to a singer. Regarding her professional life, her stage name is Lisa Son.

She has modeled for several successful brands, including Kojima Honey,, HiLo Teen, Purbasari Cosmetics, and Orang Tua wine.

She traveled to Jakarta to follow her passion when she was a teenager. She made her YouTube comedic web series debut in 2019 with Dr. Sintal.

She became well-known as a result, and she eventually gathered enough fans to sustain her singing career. She participated in the 76Rider-initiated “What In Where” campaign in 2021.

Even though it takes a long time to work on, the song Failure Two times is a lot of fun to produce. However, Lissa In Macao said, “I was also helped by Bang Abi Taufan, who directed a lot of my singing cloves.”

Naturally, the song—which was made available on August 26—became Lissa In Macao’s latest release in the Indonesian music scene. Using a video clip that blends the narrative with captivating dance moves, Lissa in Macao gave two flawless performances despite failing.

“Hopefully this song can represent the feelings of people who go through the same storyline,” Lissa In Macau believed.

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