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Like Flowers in Sand Netflix Full Cast, Story 2023

A remarkable group of actors, including Jang Dong-Yoon, Lee Ju-myoung, Yoon Jong-seok, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Jae-joon, and Lee Joo-seung, may be seen in the South Korean TV series “Like Flowers in Sand.” The program tracks young individuals in Geosan who are trying to leave their imprint on the world. Like Flowers in Sand Netflix cast, Like Flowers in Sand Netflix story, Like Flowers in Sand Netflix shiw time, Like Flowers in Sand Netflix relase date, Like Flowers in Sand Netflix eposide,On December 20, 2023, at 21:00 (KST) every Wednesday and Thursday, it will make its ENA debut. In some areas, Netflix will also offer it for streaming.

Like Flowers in Sand Netflix Full Cast

  • Kim Baek-doo, played by Jang Dong-yoon, is a Taebaek-class player for the nearly bankrupt Geosan County Office Ssireum Team. His exceptional talents have earned him the title of prodigy.
  • Lee Ju-young portrays Oh Yoo-Kyung, the head of the Geosan County Office Ssireum Team’s management team.
  • Yoon Jong-seok portrays Min Hyun-wook, a young guy who has had abundance in all aspect of his life.
  • Joo Mi-ran, a mystery café proprietor, played by Kim Bo-ra.
  • Kwak Jin-soo, played by Lee Jae-Joon, was a former SEREUM wrestler and longtime opponent of Baek-doo.
  • Jo Seok-hee, played by Lee Joo-Seung, is a police officer at the Geosan Police Station and Baek-
  • doo’s closest buddy.

Like Flowers in Sand Netflix Trailer

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Supporting Cast of Like Flowers in Sand Netflix

  • Baek-doo’s father, Kim Tae-baek, is a renowned sereum star, played by Choi Moo-sung.
  • As Ma Jin-sook, the mother of Baek-doo and Tae-baek’s bride, Jang Young-Nam plays her.
  • Woo Hyun plays Park Pil-doo, a local sarangbang owner and an elder in the ssireum community.
  • Jin-soo’s mother Lim Hyun-ja is portrayed by Hwang Seok-jeong.
  • Ahn Hyun-jin, played by Jang Hee-Jung, is Kyung-moon’s wife and co-owner of a mill in Geosan Market.
  • Ahn Chang-hwan portrays Lee Kyung-moon, a reserved non-ssireum individual in Geosan.
  • Chu Mi-sook, played by Seo Jeong-yeon, is Yoo-kyung’s detective role model.
  • Yang Ki-won portrays Kim Geum-gang, the older brother of Baek-doo.
  • As Kim Han-ra, Lee Yu-joon portrays Baek-doo’s sibling and a YouTuber who manages a personal channel including ssireum video.
  • Park Bo-kyung plays flower store owner Seo Sook-hee.
  • Lee Ho-chul plays Sook-hee’s spouse, Jung Gil-soo.
  • Jo Sin-nae plays snack bar owner Kang Jong-mi.
  • Hyun Jong-woo plays Song Young-wook, the personal trainer spouse of Jong-mi.
  • As the coach of the Geosan County Office Ssireum Team, Hwang Jae-yeol plays Park Dong-chan.
  • The youngest member of the Geosan County Office Ssireum Team, Kim Min-Seok, plays Kim Beom-soo.
  • At the Geosan Police Station, Park Kyung-seo is the youngest police officer.
  • Yoon Don-seon is the Geosan Police Station’s team leader.

How to watch The South Korean show “Like Flowers in Sand”?

You can watch the South Korean show “Like Flowers in Sand” on Netflix from 20 December 2023.

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