Hamster Kombat Apk Is Cheating Scam? Be careful Check this 2024!

An program called Hamster Kombat is presently going widespread in online groups, particularly in Indonesia. Numerous people have taken an interest in this game, both favorable and bad.

Many online users have voiced their concerns in recent months, labeling Hamster Kombat as a fraudulent money-making program. What are the actual facts, and is the Hamster Kombat program a fraud or safe and effective?

What is Hamster Kombat?

One game that simulates exchanging coins or cryptocurrency is called Hamster Kombat. This game has garnered a lot of interest due to its purported airdrop method that awards prizes in the form of cryptocurrency tokens.

Although this application is officially available on the Play Store, our search revealed that the Indonesian server is down. If you choose to play this game, though, you may do so straight through Telegram.

How to Earn Money and How Hamster Kombat Works

There are a few things you must do if you want to profit from this program, which include the following:

  1. Sign up and Enjoy

    Users on this Telegram Bot Telegram need to sign up and establish an account. The process is to launch Telegram, choose Search, and type in “hamster kombat.” A telegram bot will then show up. On the left side, select Play and Start so that you will be directed to the website form.

    2. Finish the missions and tasks.

      Players can accomplish a range of everyday activities and quests in the game. Players receive money for each task they perform, which they can swap for cryptocurrency tokens.

      3. System of Referrals

        Using the recommendation system, players may also ask their friends to join the game. With each successful recommendation, the player will receive an extra incentive.

        4. Daily Incentives

          Players that participate in daily gameplay are eligible for additional tokens through a daily award system.

          5. Token for Airdrop

            The primary award for this proposal is an airdrop of tokens, slated to occur in July 2024. Next, these tokens can be bought or sold on the cryptocurrency market.

            Hamster Kombat a Scam?

            There have been several complaints claiming that Hamster Kombat is a fraud. Nevertheless, before determining the truthfulness of these assertions, keep the following considerations in mind:

            1. User Increase

            There have apparently been a lot more people using the app; it is said that there are 150 million active users. There should be a decline in users, not an increase, if the game was a hoax.

            2. Social Media Activities

            Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and other social media sites all indicate a lot of activity from Hamster Kombat. They have demonstrated their dedication to reaching more users worldwide by expanding language support on their platforms.

            3.Results and Cooperation

              Prominent individuals like Mr. Beast have shown interest in the app, suggesting that the game is rather popular with the general population. Furthermore, a number of internet publications have reported on the app’s progress and said that the game has gained a lot of popularity.

              4. Revisions and a Schedule

                The application is continuously updating its platform, which includes developing its infrastructure and integrating web 3 technologies. They are making progress toward their goals, as seen by their plans to introduce a gaming utility token in July 2024.

                Naturally, we are unable to determine with certainty whether or not Hamster Kombat is a fraud based on some of these evaluations. However, we can at least observe the user experience; if its profitability is established, we may address it. If there are several reports of scams, it’s best to move on.

                In summary

                Consequently, the debate around Hamster Kombat Apk Is This a Fraud? Check This Out Carefully! that we can communicate. With any luck, this material will help those of you who are unfamiliar with this Telegram bot gain some understanding and pointers.

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