Gus Zizan the devout TikToker viral after allegedly making out with Zoe Levana at nightclub

This is Gus Zizan the religious TikToker who’s gone viral after allegedly hooking up with Zoe Levana at a nightclub.Gus Zizan suspicion of making out with Zoe Levana at Night club.

Then who is Gus Zizan?

  • As quoted from the tribunnews. According to the Pages of Page 6, Gus Zizan is a pious figure that idolizes women due to his handsome face.
  • The 26-year-old, known to have around 618 thousand followers on his Instagram account and 1.6 million on TikTok account justiceforiteametections told The Sun:
  • Dari informasi yang dihimpun, dia adalah seorang pengguna youtube muda bernama Nashron Azizan.
  • He was born in 2003 at Kapek Gunungsari, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara(NTB).
  • He is also a child who memorized the Quran at the age Of 19 Years Old.
  • He has a family background that is familiar with devout (NU) practices.
  • His family is no ordinary people, for he himself leads an Islamic boarding school in NTB.
  • The gus zizan is bin to Tuan Guru Khalid Nawawi as his son and Hj. Fauziyatin. Allegedly spotted smooching Zoe Levana in a club, meet Gus Zizan the righteous TikToker trending now
  • Gus Zizan accused of making out with Zoe Levana in Night club

who is Gus Zizan?

  • Gus Zizan is described as a pious person who acts as an idol for women only due to his good looks. (punctuation)
  • ‘The man’s known to have 618 thousand followers on his Instagram account and 1.6 million on his TikTok account.’
  • According to information compiled, the person known as gobbled speaker goes by the name of\ Nashron Azizan. In this case, it is understood to be a young speaker.
  • He was born in Kapek Gunungsari, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), on 2003.
  • He was a child who memorized the Quran when he was 13 years old.
  • He was raised in a strong Nahdatul Ulama (NU) family background.
  • This time, his family was no ordinary person because they run a pesantren in NTB crude.
  • According to what we know so far, Gus Zizan is the son of Tuan Guru Khalid Nawawi and his mother Hj. Fauziyatin.
  • Here him: Allegedly making out with Zoe Levana at a nightclub, this is Gus Zizan the “pious” TikToker who’s now gone viral.
  • 4.Gus Zizan is suspected making out with Zoe Levana in Night club.
  • Grandfather Gus Zizan is in charge of a sizable Islamic boarding school in NTB in the meanwhile.
  • Gus Zizan received his schooling in Jakarta after attending the Al-Aziziyah Islamic boarding school.
  • Gus Zizan majored in management while attending Binus University.
  • Gus Zizan frequently posts stuff from his other hobbies, including traveling, on social media in addition to sermonizing.

Chronology of Gus Zizan Mentioned: Hanging out at Night Club with Zoe Levana

  • Gus Zizan gained notoriety after a purported video of him appeared on social media.
  • TikToker Zoe Levana and Gus Zizan are now accused of having sex at a nightclub.
  • A video clip purportedly showing Gus Zizan and Zoe Levana was shared in this viral news article.
  • among a throng of tourists who were out clubbing, and it was a darkly illuminated scene.
  • The person identified as this netizen planted a kiss, which is a private act.
  • This subsequently became a talking point as it contrasted with Gus Zizan, who was perceived as a scientist and preacher.
  • Does Gus Zizanthe really dream about religious women? X’s social media account, @angi****, said, “His idol is Ning Maghrib, right??”
  • “Gus Zizan enjoys entertainment and SOLEHOT things, so if it’s like this, it’s definitely a regular occurrence, not just once or twice, guys, it’s a positive humane thing.” He went on, “Mba Zoe also plays naughty sweetie, hehe.
  • It was mentioned in another thread that Gus Zizan was supposedly seen kissing, clubbing, and having an affair.
  • Several stories on Gus Zizan’s virality have also surfaced, to which a surprising number of internet users have reacted.
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