Live round-by-round updates for Zhilei Zhang vs. Deontay Wilder 2024

The boxing match scheduled for this Saturday at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia features live round-by-round updates between DZhilei Zhang vs. Deontay Wilder on MMA Fighting.

On DAZN pay-per-view, the main event is scheduled to start at about six o’clock ET. Visit our Wilder vs. Zhang results page to see the outcome of the undercard matchup.

Among the most formidable power punchers of his day is Wilder (43-3-1). “The Bronze Bomber,” a former heavyweight champion of the WBC, has recently struggled but has completed a remarkable 42 of his 43 professional fights by knockout. Since 2020, Wilder has dropped three of his last four matches, including two defeats to Tyson and a knockout of Robert Helenius.

Zhang (26-2-1) is the timeless marvel of the heavyweight class. The 41-year-old Chinese boxer, who had won an Olympic silver medal, defeated Joe Joyce twice to earn the WBO interim heavyweight championship in 2023. However, he lost to Parker by majority decision this past March. The only other setback in Zhang’s professional career was when he lost a 2022 decision against Filip Hrgovic. He will enter the battle with a massive 68.2-pound weight advantage against Wilder.

Get the round-by-round live blog for Wilder vs. Zhang below:

  • Prefight: Alright, this evening Matchroom Boxing has been shoved into a locker. Queensberry won 4-0, and under the point system, it was 8-0.
  • Zhang is seen in gold trunks with black trim heading to “Eye of the Tiger.” At the very least, he seems driven and in good shape, and his gloves are gold.
  • Wilder is shown wearing a stunning black and gold face mask along with Roman-style trunks. Man outside looks like a Scorpion. It’s time to go.
  • Round 1: Zhang (orthodox), Wilder (southpaw). For what length of time will it last? Zhang pushes Wilder back to the corner and seizes the center first. Both males started battling at the same time, ready to attack.
  • Wilder fires a right-handed shot. Zhang moved left toward the body. Zhang was pushing Wilder around early on with that size. The two men were taking their time. It all comes down to a single shot, from either side. Wilder flees out of sight as Zhang delivers a left to the body. Wilder attempts a right but fails.
  • Both males were pawing so much. Zhang swerves to the left up top, but Wilder ducked beneath and tightened. Wilder’s quick right hand almost misses. Zhang and Wilder make another error. In terms of the fewest punches thrown in boxing, these two men rank first and third statistically, and it’s starting to show.

The round is scored 10–10 by MMA Fighting

  • Round 2: Rather of just retiring to the corner, Wilder is attempting to hold the middle a little longer to begin this round. Zhang delivers a left to the body while Wilder attempts a right. There is no guy jabbing. Wilder is cornered by Zhang, who then tags him! Here, Uppercut lands and Wilder hides.
  • Zhang remains within Zhang’s pocket while Wilder retaliates. Playing a risky game, Wilder is roughhousing inside. At last, he turns away. However, Zhang corners him once again and rips to the body. Wilder cannot be supported in this way. Zhang is an excessively large weapon in that place.
  • Zhang shifts him to an alternative corner. Gunshy is Wilder. He isn’t flinging. He sends one now, which forces Zhang to hide. But not nearly enough. Zhang delivered a fantastic lead right hook just as Wilder emerged. However, he continues getting pushed to the corner and doesn’t throw far enough. There is an issue when Zhang outworks you.

Zhang scores 10–9 in the round and 20–19 overall for MMA Fighting.

  • Round 3: Zhang easily maneuvers him about. They don’t want him to be a punching bag, so Wilder’s corner begged him to take action. He is, at least for the opening minute of this round. It’s not like he’s punching. Zhang pushes him into the corner, strikes, Wilder sidesteps, and the cycle repeats.
  • When Wilder does finally throw a right, Zhang counters with a right of his own, forcing Wilder to move. He is unable to keep off the ropes and won’t accept help from his hands. If this keeps up, there’s only one thing that can happen. Zhang attempts a corner uppercut, but it just misses.
  • Watching the Compubox stats excites me. Maybe Wilder threw twenty that entire night. Zhang is frightening him out with his activity. He is only going through the motions in what appears to be his last bout of his career.

Zhang scores 10–9 in the first round and 30–28 in total for MMA Fighting.

  • Round 4: Wilder continues to only claw at the air, hoping for a flawless miracle to clear the path for his right. After three rounds, Wilder has already landed nine blows. Oh my. Zhang didn’t exactly blow everyone away with 27, but nevertheless.
  • This time around, Wilder is adjusting a little better. He has thrown a few right hands and is circling the middle more now. This is better, but it’s still largely hand shoving with lead. Zhang and Wilder deliver an ugly jab to the left of the body. Zhang ducks to the left of Wilder. When given credit, his defense has performed admirably. But that’s all he’s displaying.
  • Zhang’s offensive output has also decreased to a crawl. Even as Wilder is backing up, he is still throwing a single left hand that Wilder ducks. This is turning into a fighting match. Poor combat exchanges. Zhang lands a left, and Wilder a right.
  • Wilder is leaving with a whine if this is the final time we see him.

Zhang loses the round 10–9 to MMA Fighting, and the final score is 40–37.

Round 5: It’s not enjoyable if this fight goes to the card. All the males have to do is get swinging.

Whoa! Wilder is one! Zhang is unprepared as he bursts into life and begins flinging! He behaves badly and keeps quiet until a confrontation. Though Zhang was taken aback by the huge effort, not much landed. But Zhang returns to the fight and executes a left.

Well, it was enjoyable for a short while. We’re back to this, though. Waiting to throw a blow, Wilder is positioned in a corner.

OOOO! Wilder is apprehended! With his back to us, Wilder is now staggering—we’re not even sure what hit him! Zhang leaps on him and uses a right punch to take down Wilder! Wilder is attempting to outpace the tally. Still, he appears to be in poor health. At eight, Wilder gets up, but the referee has had enough! Queensberry wins handily!!!

Replay of the fight shows that Wilder was injured with a lead right punch. He intervened, dazing Wilder with a little inside hook. Then, when Wilder was surprised, he delivered a powerful running right hook. a free kick that landed exactly. Excellent work.

Official Resolution Round 5, 1:51; Zhilei Zhang defeats Deontay Wilder via KO

Zhang praises all of his supporters in an interview. Then discusses losing to Parker and shares what he learnt from it. Claims to have known that all he had to do was remove Wilder’s right hand, which he accomplished. After giving Wilder the benefit of the doubt, he demands a match that will return him to a title match.

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