Amazon Prime Day July 12

Christmas arrives in July. Sales over the holidays do, at least. Amazon, the seventh-largest retailer in the world, designates the middle of the year as its own, private, mega-shopping holiday with its yearly Prime Day. It falls on July 12 and 13 this year.

Amazon Prime Day, which was created in 2015 to commemorate Amazon’s 20th anniversary, has developed into a popular holiday that rivals Singles Day in China and Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States. Amazon Prime Day has grown from relatively modest beginnings (we say relative since Amazon was a monster even back then) to become the largest single day of shopping in the United States, with over 100 million things sold on the platform in 2018.

its duration is also increasing; it started off as 24 hours of discounts and has progressively increased to 30 hours, 36 hours, and now a full 48 hours of incredible deals. It’s up to Amazon to figure out how to make a day last twice as long! Considering how much money you spend on Amazon? Well, it also helps individuals in need. Scholaroo offers annual Amazon scholarships that are available. The effects of Prime Day are unavoidable, regardless of your stance on Amazon. Here are some key details of this unprecedented worldwide event.


Amazon Prime Day 2024 will begin on July 12 at 12:01 a.m. PDT and last for 48 hours.


Comparing the first Prime Day to its current colossal scale, it was a somewhat modest event. When Prime Day debuted in 2015, it was available in just 9 countries and saw the ordering of almost 34.4 million things in a 24-hour period, or 398 items every second. More than 24,000 Instant Pot 7-in-1 programmable pressure cookers and hundreds of thousands of heavily discounted Amazon products, including streaming devices like the Kindle, Echo, and Fire, were on sale. But they were only a few examples; Amazon sellers who participated in the business’ Fulfillment by Amazon program reported a 300%.

Over 100 million products were ordered during the 36-hour event last year, which involved 17 nations. That is, over 771 items were ordered per second. Among Amazon goods that year, the Fire TV Stick and the Echo Dot were the best-selling models. Over 5 million toys, cosmetics, PCs and accessories, clothes, and kitchenware were ordered by customers. More than 300,000 Instant Pots were sold and millions of dollars were saved at the recently bought Whole Foods during the Prime Day sales. Additionally, revenues of small and medium-sized enterprises exceeded $1.5 billion.

Prime Day Day is when?

Traditionally, Amazon Prime Day is in the middle of July; the dates usually fall between July 15 and 16, however they might sometimes fall as early as July 11. Amazon Prime Day 2020 is scheduled to occur over two days, starting on July 13 at 12:01 a.m. PDT and ending 48 hours later.

What Is the Duration of Prime Day?

Over Prime Day’s five-year history, its duration has changed. It was a straightforward 24-hour event at first. In 2017 and 2018, it was extended to 30 hours, 36 hours, and it will soon be a full 48-hour shopping extravaganza.

What are deals from Amazon Prime?

Massive savings are available on tens of thousands of popular items from thousands of shops throughout the globe that are offered under the Amazon Prime umbrella during Amazon Prime Deals. Promotions for TVs, books, household products, services, baby supplies, and a plethora of other items are among them. These offers, in addition to the free two-day delivery that comes with being a Prime member, are available to Prime members.

What Are the Conditions for Prime Day?

The initial idea behind Prime Day was to give Amazon Prime members a present in honor of the company’s 20th anniversary. The requirement to have an Amazon Prime account in order to take advantage of the incredible offers is the one thing that hasn’t changed. On the other hand, anyone without a Prime account may register for a complimentary 30-day trial before Prime Day.

What kinds of offers are there on Prime Day?

Since Amazon is one of the biggest and most diverse merchants in the world, they offer a variety of things at significant savings on Prime Day. Deals on luxury gadgets, including laptops, TVs, and audio equipment, as well as pet, baby, and household items, are available. Naturally, they also provide significant savings on a variety of other Amazon items, including their Essentials line of household necessities, as well as their own products, which include Kindle e-readers, Fire streaming devices, and Echo smart home appliances. Obviously, you didn’t need it anyhow if you can’t locate it at a significant price on Prime Day.

When Do Prime Day Sales Start?

They have already gotten going. Even the pickiest discount hunter will find thousands of pre-announced Prime Day offers to pique their interest, and more are added every day. But as the Prime Day(s) progress, further discounts on tens of thousands of goods are anticipated, and the floodgates will open on July 15 at 12:01 am PDT.

Which nations will be taking part in Amazon Prime Day 2020?

  1. United Kingdom United States
  2. Spain
  3. Singapore
  4. Mexico and the Netherlands
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Italy Japan India
  7. Germany
  8. France
  9. China
  10. Canada
  11. Belgium
  12. Australia Austria

What Sort of Costs Can I Anticipate?

Every year, Prime Day delivers on its promise of great savings. Depending on the item, the company provides a range of price reductions from 10% to 50%. Deals sometimes provide extra benefits like bulk discounts, Amazon gift cards, and savings for making recurrent purchases—all of which are ideal for pet food. Every year, Amazon features different things, so it’s difficult to predict precisely what the offers will be or what products will be featured. However, you can trust that whatever you’re searching for, there will be an incredible price on it on Prime Day to persuade you to buy.

Which Products Sold the Best During Prime Day 2018?

  • There are always All-Star goods on Prime Day, and 2018 was no exception. The top-selling items from the previous year are listed here!
  • The Roomba 671 Audible Membership from iRobot
    Membership for Kindle Unlimited
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, 
  • Dyson Absolute Vaccuum, 
  • 23andMe DNA Test Kit, 
  • Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress,  Bose Quiet,
  • Comfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Amazon Echo

On Prime Day, where and how can you shop?

There are several ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day, thanks to Amazon’s limitless intelligence. The easiest method to accomplish it is directly at Amazon.com. However, for individuals who want to purchase while on the go, carry out a nice deed, or place an order by calling across the room.

Is Alexa available for purchases on Prime Day?

Definitely! Actually, by interacting with your preferred smart home personality, you may get bargains on Amazon that are exclusively available through Alexa. Their popularity was so great that voice orders were being placed every second of the day in their first year of business (2016). That figure has increased since then, as you are aware. Curious about the promotions they have this year? Simply ask, “Alexa, what are your deals?”

The Whole Foods Market

Amazon Prime Day became even more delicious with the 2017 acquisition of Whole Foods. Beginning in 2017, Whole Foods Market had a week of discounts from Amazon in honor of the newcomer. You will earn a $10 credit this year for every $10 you spend at Whole Foods.

Will Other Retailers Make Their Own Sales?

The astute ones both do and will. Several shops have hijacked Prime Day by providing steep discounts in the days preceding the event, realizing they can’t out-prime it. Retailers including WalMart, Target, Best Buy, and Macy’s have all had sales, while even tech rivals of Amazon, like Google, have reduced the price of Google Home, a rival to the Echo.

Should I get Amazon Prime right away?

Yes, in order to take advantage of the offers (and the shipping, oh, the shipping), you must have a Prime membership. However, you shouldn’t be concerned about such a big commitment. Sign up today to take advantage of Prime Day, and once you’ve used your 30-day free trial, cancel your account.

Why does Amazon care about Amazon Prime Day?

The biggest purchasing day in Amazon’s history was Prime Day 2018. Over 100 million goods were sold throughout the course of the 36-hour event. More than 771 objects every second, that is. Conversions increased by 121% from the previous week and by 6% from the year prior, indicating consistent growth. In other words, Prime Day and the days that follow are extremely profitable for the business and its partners. The number of participating nations has increased to 18 this year, indicating expansion, and it is anticipated to continue growing in the future.

Activities on Amazon Prime Day

Sign up for Amazon Prime.

It’s a terrific opportunity to take advantage of the offers and enjoy some fun if you’re not yet an Amazon Prime member on Prime Day. You may join up for a free 30-day trial period on Amazon, or you can take advantage of all the amazing bargains on Amazon Prime Day in addition to free shipping, streaming, and other benefits when you sign up for the entire year!

Observe the transactions

There are thousands of offers available on Amazon Prime Day, including lightning deals that are only available for a short while—typically a few hours—or until the supply runs out. If you want to stay updated on the bargains, follow Amazon on Twitter or follow a website like the New York Times’ tech review site, Wirecutter, which will filter through the offers for you

Go shopping.

Buying is the main goal of Amazon Prime Day, so if you don’t take part in this commercial holiday, you haven’t truly enjoyed it! Get something you’ve been needing, indulge yourself to a treat, or start your Christmas shopping early. The main objective is for you to save money, regardless of what you end up with!


It unites people on the Internet.

The fact that everyone is aware of and speaks about Amazon Prime Day is one of our favorite things about it. All of our favorite websites and feeds curate the best discounts of the day and share them with us. It’s a neighborhood!

It’s a justification to shop.

More than anything, we enjoy shopping during sales. For this reason, Amazon Prime Day is fantastic! We can shop guilt-free since we know we’ll receive better deals.

We adore a good bargain.

Businesses are aware that a good offer boosts happiness since it has been scientifically demonstrated! Amazon is aware that a sales day boosts consumer satisfaction and loyalty, and guess what? It works! Raise your serotonin levels and engage in a transaction!

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