AetherSX2 PS2 Bios Download link and Installation Instructions

Many users have been requesting to play AetherSX2 PS 2 games on Android phones lately, but sadly, they cannot be loaded straight. Therefore, in order for it to function correctly, we must utilize the AetherSX2 program and the BIOS file to remedy this issue.

As a result, we’ll talk about a guide on installing the BIOS in the Aether SX2 emulator this time. Even though it’s quite simple, a lot of friends still don’t know how. Games cannot be opened without BIOS.

So, let’s have a look at the whole instruction on getting the PS2 BIOS file for AetherSX2 to learn all the processes.

Bios AetherSX2 PS2 Download

You may download the necessary files if you want to turn your smartphone into a sophisticated device that can play PS 2 games. Bios and Aether SX2 are two of them. In fact, you may get it straight from the Play Store or other third-party apps here.

You may use the following mediafire to download in order to streamline the process:

How to Set Up the Aether SX2 PS 2 BIOS

1. Set up the AetherSX2 program.

Installing the AetherSX2 program is the first step. Please download and install the program on your smartphone in order to accomplish this.

2. Open the BIOS file after downloading it.

  • Next, use the mediafire URL we’ve provided to download the BIOS file, then unpack it. These are the steps:
  • Kindly make a folder named “Bios” and then transfer the downloaded bios file to that folder.
  • Access the folder containing the previously downloaded BIOS file.
  • After clicking on the BIOS file, choose “Extract here” or “Extract here.”
    Upon extraction, the folder will include many BIOS files.
  • You can first download the RAR file from the Play Store if it cannot be extracted.

3. Launch the AetherSX2 Program

Open the Aether SX2 emulator software on your smartphone once the BIOS file is available.

4. Use the Aether SX2’s BIOS settings.

  • To set up the BIOS in an emulator, follow these steps:
  • To access the menu, click the three-line symbol located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Swipe right until you locate the “BIOS” option in the menu row above.

Step 5: Open the BIOS file

  • Perform the following actions in the BIOS section:
  • Select “Load BIOS” or “Load BIOS” from the menu.
  • The folder where you save the BIOS file will often be shown by the emulator automatically. Find the folder where you manually stored the BIOS file if it isn’t doing it automatically.

Launch the game

As soon as the BIOS loads properly, you may try launching the game in the emulator. Games that were previously unable to be opened because the BIOS was missing ought to now function correctly.


That’s how the Aether SX2 emulator application’s BIOS is installed. The process is rather simple, isn’t it? If you’re still having trouble installing the BIOS, maybe this instruction will help. If you enjoy this content, remember to like and subscribe. See you in the upcoming piece.

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