8-minute Soraya Rasyid viral video link with clarification

Presenter Soraya Rasyid gained notoriety recently after it was alleged that she lived with actor Andrew Andika and had an affair.8-minute Soraya Rasyid viral video, After actress Tengku Dewi Putri disclosed Andrew’s purported liaison with a lady on her personal Instagram, this claim surfaced.

As Tengku Dewi Putri learned that her husband, Andrew Andika, was thought to be residing in Soraya Rasyid’s home, the rumors around him intensified even further. Many are interested in immediately viewing the timeline of the occurrence by clicking on Soraya’s viral video link.

Simply read the debate through to the conclusion to learn more.

A Few Details Regarding the Well-Rise Video by Soraya Rasyid

Tengku Dewi Putri posted a video of her chat with Soraya Rasyid on her Instagram Story, @tengkudewiputri, on Friday, May 18, 2024.

Tengku Dewi bombarded Soraya with inquiries on her husband’s whereabouts during their talk. 8-minute Soraya Rasyid viral video, Tengku Dewi persisted in raising the matter despite Soraya’s initial denials, claiming to have proof from neighbors who witnessed Andrew staying at the presenter’s home.

What Soraya Rasyid confessed

Soraya Rasyid eventually gave in to pressure and acknowledged that Andrew Andika had spent the night at her home. He said that he made accommodations for Andrew since he was sad about the situation the actor was going through at the time. Soraya said that in addition to Andrew, other of his family were also experiencing difficulties as a result of their stay at her home.

How Tengku Dewi Putri responded

Tengku Dewi Putri delivered a biting sarcasm in response to Soraya Rasyid’s confession. He conveyed his displeasure with Soraya’s behavior, which he felt was disrespectful to his marriage, in the next posting. But Soraya nevertheless responded intelligently, stating that her acts were motivated only by a desire to be of assistance.

In summary

Numerous parties have expressed interest in this purported affair case, which has gained media attention. The public is still waiting for more developments in the domestic dispute between Tengku Dewi Putri and Andrew Andika, despite the fact that both sides have offered clarity.

This event serves as a reminder of the value of trust and communication in a partnership. I hope it comes in handy!

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