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The focus of internet users right now is Kayes video connection. Additionally, it is said that a 30-Minute Kayes Viral Video Link Twitter Mediafire is presently doing the rounds on Twitter. Teenagers certainly look up to Kayes; she is a stunning woman. Millions of people are now following him on social media.

Who is Kayes person ?

In the field of Indonesian e-sports, Kayesreal name: Kharisma Cahaya Putri is a rising star. Kayes She was born on May 12, 2003, in Bandung, has garnered a lot of attention due to his charisma and talent. Kayes has emerged as one of the Onic eSport team’s most gifted players at the young age of 19 Years old.

Kayes Professional Path

Before being well-known for being a part of Onic eSport, Kayes was a frequent TikTok video creator. Through his appealing aesthetic and imaginative material, he has accumulated millions of fans. He was first noticed by Onic eSport mostly because of his fame on TikTok. As a member of this squad, Kayes not only displays his skill in gaming, particularly in Mobile Legends, but he also actively produces engaging material for his audience.

Kayes Social media presence

On several social media sites, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, Kayes has a sizable fan following. He has millions of fans on TikTok and goes by the pseudonym @yourkays. His distinctive style and captivating personality constantly draw attention to the information he produces.

For a number of reasons, Kayes films frequently get popular on different social media sites.

intriguing and Creative material: One of Kayes’ specialties is intriguing and creative material. He frequently uploads movies that blend gaming prowess with entertaining components to entice viewers to return for more.
Charm & Charisma: Kayes’s upbeat and endearing demeanor makes him likable to a wide range of individuals. His videos frequently receive a lot of likes, shares, and encouraging comments due to his inherent charm.

Fan Interaction: Through live streaming and comments, Kayes actively engages with his fans. His admirers feel closer to him as a result of their intimate exchange.

Gaming Proficiency: Kayes frequently displays excellent gaming prowess in his videos, particularly in the Mobile Legends game. He gained reputation as an e-sports player as well as a content provider for this.

Onic eSport Emote Voice: Using Kayes’ voice as an emote for the Onic eSport team was one of the moments that helped him become even more well-known. Her adorable and kind voice gives players and spectators a unique excitement that enhances her allure as a public figure.

Currently making the rounds on Twitter is a 30-minute video clip purportedly belonging to Kayes Video Leak. Thus, upon further investigation, we discovered that the link was a spam link that  that did not lead to the original Mediafire.

We must first join the channel as the link takes us to the Telegram group. We also need to exercise caution in this case since some people on the Telegram channel could post a fraudulent, viral Kayes link.

Be cautious if you are prompted for payment or information from your social media accounts in order to view the link.

Direct access to Kayes videos may be had by visiting their official Instagram or TikTok accounts. It is possible to gather and compile viral videos if you enjoy watching them.

Upon reaching the required duration, say thirty minutes, you may now carefully preserve the film to ensure it doesn’t disappear. Here, you may submit a number of Kayes video albums that have gone popular to an internet storage site called mediafire. Save the Mediafire URL securely for later use so you may download or access it from anywhere at any time.


That is the information about the Latest Kayes Viral Video Link Full 30 Minutes Twitter Mediafire that we can give. Hopefully, those of you who are unaware of recent technology advancements and viral news can use this knowledge as a reference.

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